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Walla Walla River Report
Walla Walla County, WA


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Yuck, what an awful night. Got going late to the Walla x 2, with the intent of trying this river for catfish. Dragged my boat out to the launch at Madame Dorion Park. When I got there, it looked like free Seahawks tickets day - conservatively estimate 50 people (probably 75 or more), crammed in that area. Every opening in the bushes to the river had a couple of people in it. There were three clogging the launch proper, and they were not interested in getting out of the way for me to launch. I was not interested in having a showdown to get them out of the way, so I figured I'd try the launch at Casey Pond. I got my boat in the water, but by that time it was past 9:30 pm, and I decided it wasn't worth it.

I pulled the boat back in, and dumped a rod in the water with bait, and sat around for almost two hours. No bites. I figured "that bites", and decided to go home.

What a mess. I should have just driven out to Ayers, as I would have almost been guaranteed a couple of catfish.

I simply cannot believe the pressure on the Walla Walla river (a relatively remote location). When I lived here 15 years ago, you'd never see more than a few fishermen at worst. Now, every time I go there, it is combat fishing. Don't understand it - where are they coming from?


7/21/2013 9:26:00 AM
TMP is everywhere nowadays. It's hard to find uncrowded anything. We need a good plague or something. Fishing, or hiking, or even mountain climbing are ridiculously crowded in most areas. On the other hand, there's way more people going to ball games and other such nonsense, which is good in a way. Heinlein said that if you put too many rats in a cage, they go crazy and start eating each other. Man is the only creature to do this voluntarily(paraphrased, he said it better). ( TMP= Too Many People.)
Seriously, WW3 river crowding is due to easy bank access, which is guaranteed to draw many people without boats, but blocking a landing is just wrong. Kudos for not getting into a fight.
7/21/2013 9:56:00 AM
The other elements are that I was uncomfortable about leaving my truck there, and risking a break-in. The other thing that made me nervous was seeing all the logs and stuff in the water in the inlet just north of the mouth. It was getting dark, and I'm not familiar with the area - didn't feel like busting off a prop. I'll go out next time during the day, take my time, and scope the area out carefully.

But mostly I was just disorganized and didn't get out there until too late. Next time I may launch at Casey Pond, and just head down to the the Walla Walla from the north. It has a better ramp, and is more lightly used.
7/21/2013 10:05:00 PM

Please be extremely careful if you decide to boat from Casey's to Walla Walla River. I have an 18.5ft Ranger that I've taken rollers over the bow in that section. Even if the wind is next to nothing the rollers coming from the gorge can be 3+ feet, no exageration. Add wind, and you will sink a small boat. I'd rather tell someone to get the heck off the boat ramp at Madame Dorian. I've done that many times. They know the are fishing where they shouldn't be. They will move if asked firmly, but respecftully. In fact there are big Channel Cats on the East bank of Casey's near where it meets the main Columbia Proper. I've seen them up shallow while bass fishing. No need to go to walla walla.
7/22/2013 8:02:00 AM
RC's got some good advice there. Over 20 years ago I fished that area a bit to the south, and the wind popped up out of nowhere. At the time I had a 14' Hewescraft and it was a wild ride. And if a small area is getting that much pressure, how many fish can it maintain? I know they move in fairly often, but I still prefer areas less combative.
7/22/2013 10:23:00 PM
raptorschild and fishinChristian: Yeah, the wind in the Wallula Gap is something I'm aware of, and I've heard enough from friends and fellow fishermen that I'm not inclined to pass off their advice frivolously ... (continued)....

My inclination is to to fish channel cats in the extreme lower reaches of the Walla Walla river (where it enters the Columbia. but very close to or in the Walla Walla river, or in the immediate three inlets). The whole area seems extremely treacherous, which is one of the reasons I didn't push the issue in terms of launching my 14" tri-hull into the WallaX2. One of the others was a risk of a break-in, given the sheer number of people there...

>> They will move if asked firmly, but respecftully.

They were not inclined to do so. Given the sheer pressure of the area (multiple people per gap in the riverside vegetation, including three on the launch proper), I wasn't inclined to push the issue. This might have been different given if I'd arrived an hour earlier, and given that there is a boat launch at Casey Pond (a mild trip down to the Walla x 2 mouth...).

>> In fact there are big Channel Cats on the East bank of Casey's near where it meets the main Columbia Proper. I've seen them up shallow while bass fishing. No need to go to walla walla.

Even better. Casey's seems like it ought to be a channel cat paradise, given the ultra-rich shallow waters (i.e. I'm getting my a$$ eaten up by a billion bugs). I can't possibly imagine how channel cats wouldn't spend the hot days in those deeper Columbia depths, then move in to the shallows at night to feed on small fish and bugs. If nothing else, I'm inclined to try that and avoid the inconsiderate zoo at the Walla x 2 boat launch..........................
7/22/2013 10:25:00 PM
I wish effing WashingtonLakes.com would respect my carriage returns, and not convert a carefully concocted response into a thousand run-together disaster.....
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