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Carbon River Report
Pierce County, WA



Coho Salmon

The pinks crapped out about 2 weeks ago after the last rain, so I figured out was safe enough to start using eggs. I only had one skein and haven't caught a coho on eggs before. I usually just use jigs. The water is still murky so jigs won't work yet. I missed one right away. I thought I let it chew on the eggs for long enough, but when it set, there was nothing. A while later. Felt a bite, but waited longer to set. I hooked that one. It was a bright little hen about 3#. She was leaving scales in the sand still. A guy below me punched his limit. I ran out of eggs and left. I fished for an hour. The river came up a little from the rain last night. The will probably be fish tomorrow also. It was nice to catch a fish with eggs finally.


10/3/2015 12:41:00 PM
We're you fishing behind the treatment plant?
the piranha
10/3/2015 1:27:00 PM
Ya, I live right there.
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