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07 - The Dalles to McNary (Celilo/Umatilla) Report



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I made the mistake of buying a house in the middle of our usual annual salmon trip to the mouth of the Deschutes on the Columbia. I canceled the two week reservation at the park and tended to details here at home. Meanwhile my friend Gareld kept telling me what great fishing they were having and sure wished I was there, not fair for sure!

Well. I succumbed to the urge to catch a Chinook and headed down Wednesday the 9th to stay with Gareld at the camp and fish the next three days with him and Bob. I was spoiled Thursday morning by getting to catch both of the fish we got on. What beauties they both were, silver bright, bright red meat and over 20#s each. What a treat. Friday netted only one fish for the boat caught by Bob. Saturday was a great day with three kings and one Jack. Headed home with some beautiful fillets to put in the freezer.

I have included a picture of the sun rise Saturday; it was spectacular! The water temp was 68 and Brad's Super baits with tuna did the damage. Fishing was tough for most and we were very blessed to catch what we did. Many thanks to Gareld and Bob for a great trip. Now back to work to get moved by the end of the month. Will hit the Reach in October to close out the fall season before returning to lake Roosevelt for the winter fishing.

Tight Lines - Alan

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9/15/2015 7:26:00 AM
Hey Alan, those are some beauties! Glad to see you got in on some action. Good luck with the move. Thanks for sharing. Andy
9/15/2015 5:37:00 PM
Great pictures Alan and even better looking fish! Nice and bright!!
Fish Dawg
9/25/2015 4:17:00 PM
Nice fish, Al! Glad to see you got out there to fish for a few days.

If you need a net man for your trip to Hanford Reach give a holler. We had a guy come to a recent PSA meeting and give a talk on it and I'm intrigued to learn the fishery!

Good luck and tight lines!!

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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Rising Son GS

Phone: (509) 492-8852