18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Fishing Report

Yet another chapter in the voyages of that intrepid little vessel "The Tin Guppy".
We launched out of 7 Bays and tried the mouth just a bit and then moved on up the Spokane Arm. Not sure which location to select when fishing the Arm.
I have only been fishing Roosevelt for a couple of years and I have plenty to learn. This is the first time I had been upriver this far when the water is this low. We went up to narrows above Porcupine where we had good results this time of year last year but the water was just too fast for us to get a decent drift with the Guppy. Someone with a strong bow mount trolling motor might have faired better but the Guppy is a closed bow 16 FT. Hewscraft and you got to dance with the one who brung you. Tested out my new Scotty electric downriggers and they sure come up easier than my old manual ones. We finished with one smally, 3 eyes and 2 RBs, all caught on worm tipped jigs. With such a low count I don't feel qualified to recommend a color, think most of ours were green.
The water was low, dirty and fast. If there was a bite on we didn't find it but that won't keep from going back and looking again.
Stay after them guys, it's the right thing to do.

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4/20/2017 8:56 PM
It's always amazing to see what things look like in the low water. Glad to see you got to water test the new downriggers. Electric Scotty's are awesome! Tight lines - Alan "The Experiment Must Continue"
4/21/2017 7:01 AM
Thanks for the report, I will probably be heading up the Arm on Saturday
4/22/2017 11:20 AM
That's what Seven Bays looked like yesterday. Good news is water level will not drop below 1232' see this for more info - https://www.usbr.gov/pn/grandcoulee/lakelevel/