Canada - British Columbia Fishing Report

I went to a group fish out with a private forum up here in bc. We went to one of my favorite flows that i know pretty well, so i showed a couple members around saturday and sunday. Long story short we ended up landing 17 bull trout on twitched jigs and i landed a nice steely on a pink worm under a float. I broke in my new center pin set up too which was nice, gl2 g-loomis/ islander steelheader centerpin. 3 steelhead were caught by the group which is decent considering there is no hatchery on this system.

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4/17/2017 1:52 PM
Very nice catch Jon .........I talked to your uncle and he said he would pass on message.
4/17/2017 3:02 PM
Nice fish! Nice set up as well
4/17/2017 6:24 PM
Thanks guys
4/18/2017 9:26 AM
I need an invite...LOL
4/18/2017 10:03 AM
Nice work John. How long is the rod that you use for your center pin?
4/18/2017 10:16 AM
4/18/2017 4:45 PM
Earnie you're invited bud. If you have the means to travel to canada just send me a pm and we will arrange something. The rivers are wrapping up soon but kings, lings and salty things, sea run cutts, and trophy interior rainbows will be available soon. Spring run coho should be showing any day now in one of the rivers i frequent and summer run steel should pick up as we near june/july. After that itll be pinks then fall coho/chum.