16 - Lake Pateros Fishing Report

Had a chance to get away and fish for some Chinook salmon up at Brewster, caught 3 Sockeye and the biggest Chinook I ever caught so far in fresh water. The Chinook hit like a freight train and took drag and made 6 different long runs away from the boat, finally after 30 minutes got the big fish close enough to see that it didn't have a adipose fin and it was a keeper, what a great day of fishing!

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7/13/2017 12:08 PM
Nice looking Chinook. I would assume that the Sockeye were released. You didn't mention that other than you caught them. Great job.
7/13/2017 12:44 PM
Well done! How much did it weigh? Or did you get any measurements? Thanks, Andy
7/13/2017 1:31 PM
That is a beautiful fish for being so far upriver! Pics of the fillets? :)
7/13/2017 1:45 PM
Chinook was 41 inches long weighed 35lb, I fished on July 6th,so the Sockeye I caught I was able to keep, it closed the next day on July 7th,Bummer! The filets were bright red on the Sockeye and deep orange on the big Chinook, Tight Lines and Keep Reelin!
7/13/2017 1:58 PM
Great job that king is super chrome.
7/13/2017 2:10 PM
Just to let everyone know, I saw a lot and I mean a lot of big Chinook surfacing all day long and the numbers coming over Wells has only gotten better since I was there on July 6&7 ,I am no expert but I think this is the best time to fish for these Chinook especially when they are bright and the meat is deep orange and they are there in good number, they will let you know all day long when you see them coming to the top surfacing, Go Fishin and give it a try,you never know what could happen? Tight Lines and Keep Reelin!
7/14/2017 2:54 PM