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Tapps Lake Report
Pierce County, WA


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Tiger Muskie
71° - 75°

This report is for the 11th and 12th. My son and I have been wanting to give the Tiger Muskies a shot, so we headed to Tapps for a couple of days.

On the water by noon and armed with the "Tapps Muskie map" and a bunch tackle we started to explore the new lake. I went old school with a 1oz Johnson Silver Minnow weedless around the weedbeds . I was thrilled to have a follow to the boat which I immediately yanked away?? from about a 24 incher. A follow up cast resulted in a strike and a 30 second fight before the fish came unbuttoned. Pretty cool, anyway!

Nothing else on the 11th. Overnight at the Sumner Motor Inn--I wouldn't recommend it. Drunks or druggys calling the room or knocking on the door at 3AM--Glock on the nightstand...

Hit the water as soon as the park opened at 6am. All morning working around the lake at points and weedbeds. My son had a nice blowup by a Muskie on a Spro Rat, but it didn't stay pinned.

Saw a couple more swimming near a point that looked 24-30". That was it. Wrapped it up at noon to beat the traffic back to Marysville. Will definitely go again but may just opt for a long day trip.


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