Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Fishing Report

Had a really great morning fishing for Coho in MA-10. We intended to fish the oil docks area but thought what the heck, lets give Shilshole area a shot. Good grief, needless to say we never made it to the oil docks. Shilshole was loaded with Coho!

Started just off the launch and went north and up around the bend to Carkeek Pk area. Constant action. Lines in the water at daylight, fish at about 35-40 feet. As the sun came up they went deeper, last two caught at 75-80 feet.

No idea how many we caught. It was a mix of native, and hatchery. Largest fish (pic) was right on 12lbs.

We used and caught fish on a variety of lures, Coho Killer, squid w/Ace Hi fly insert w/teaser, bucktail fly, King Fisher Lite, but the Old Goat 2.8" OG-2 green/blue in the picture was definitely the hot ticket. 35" leader on squids and hoochies and 42" on the other stuff.

Tight lines!

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9/10/2017 3:45 PM
Randy: Great report! That 12lb fish is a slab! We appreciate your taking the time to fish the OG2--and--putting it up against the competition. Thank you! --Donn