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Clear Lake Report
Skagit County, WA



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Largemouth Bass
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Literally power fished for about four hours looking for bigger bites. Started with a frog but the blowups just sent it skyward and it was to thick to follow up with a Senko. So, I just tossed in my pitching rig, let it go to the bottom and lifted it slowly. This caught the first one and it went 3.7lbs.

While doing this I caught another one just reeling it back to the boat so, I started fishing the rig that way. Caught several doing this but they were all 2.5 and under.

I switched back to the frog and mixed in a little double buzz just to get reaction strikes! Had a good one miss on the edge of the pads so I dropped the buzzbait and immediately tossed in the Senko! First cast nothing, second cast I just let it sit, saw the line jump and reeled down and set the hook, good one on! This one went 4.5lbs.

I had one more beast of a strike but it was right at the boat and she wouldn't come back.


10/6/2017 11:19:49 AM
Sounds like a pretty good day. I was going to go fishing but went golfing instead. Should of gone fishing. Really slow on the course.
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