16 - Lake Pateros Fishing Report

We fished Saturday at the Brewster pool. We tried fishing Friday evening from 6-8 and didn't touch a fish. Talked to few people at the launch and they said it was a tough bite that day. Launched at 4:15 Saturday. Plan was to target Sockeye and then switch to Kings. Well, we had to work to put 5 in the boat by by 9 and lost a nice king due to my knot failure. This is after 3 weekends of limits by 730. After spending another 2 hours for that "last fish" we bagged it. My buddy had never caught a king,so we switched over and went 2/2 w/in an hour of switching over. Hot lava, Twisted sister cut plugs got the 2 kings today. Most if my fish have come on the original Brad's this summer, but today was different which fishing can often be. Fishing 30 ft down on the rigger and tight to the boat. Talked to a guy on the shore as we were loading and he had not even got a takedown for 2 days. I gave him 2 of my tied sockeye rigs, some krill and my tuna for the kings and a few tips that worked for me. Good fishing karma i believe and I've been that guy before.....

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Bent hook pontoon
8/6/2018 12:35 PM

We have all been that guy! Thanks for sharing a little knowledge, there are plenty of fish to go around. I watched a guy toss a handful of shrimp into another boat the other day so they could have a better shot at their first Sockeye! Love That