Baker Lake (Whatcom County) Fishing Report

Had an opportunity open up to fish Baker lake for the weekend and was able to have NWFR web guru Aaron Borg join me for a boat-camping-fishing outing.

We met Friday evening and put the boat in the water, motoring over to one of my favorite moorage areas. It was cloudy but the weekend forecast was looking good so we we’re pretty excited about the upcoming two days of hardcore fishing ahead of us.

Saturday morning the alarm goes off at 5am and we started our day at Noisy Creek. It wasn’t crazy full of boats but at one point Aaron counted 97 boats, which amazed him as the lakes he fishes on the eastside he’s often the only one. We ran four rods with traditional sockeye gear and cured prawns. The lines were staggered from 25 to 60 feet in depth and we adjusted based on what the fish finder showed us. Action around us was slow and we saw a few caught. We finally hooked up at 10:30 which unfortunately came unbuttoned. That was it for the morning. Tough fishing.

After a 3 hour siesta we fished the dam end of the lake from 4pm to 8pm. Surprisingly, fishing was better as we went two for three. Aaron got his first ever Baker Lake sockeye! The fish are looking good still so no worries there. As we trolled in the evening we stumbled on a lot of fish marks north of the dam at the next long deep shoreline. I marked it as a hotspot for future reference. With optimism running high we turned in.

Sunday morning… We hit the shoreline we previously marked a lot of fish at and again – tons of fish, but no biters. Gave it 2 hours and moved to the dam again. Talked to one boat that had two but everything else was dead. Fished two hours then ran back to the north end of the lake and trolled until 11:30 at which point we got one little tap tap at the middle of the lake. Brutal!

Final score, two fish for a weekend of fishing. Not exactly what I had hoped to show Aaron but better than nothing. There are still lots of fish to be had. Whether they are willing to be had is another matter!

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8/6/2018 7:39 PM

Frustrating when they get lock jaw! Nice looking fish tho!!