Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Fishing Report

My childhood friend came up from Portland this week to fish Chinooks. Wednesday we hit Kingston and I got a 15 pounder ( on the scale) and Mike had a hard strike but it didn't stick. I wanted Mike to take the fish but it hit the rod I usually fish and he thought I should take it and after arguing for about 10 seconds I took the fish.

Thursday we hit Kingston again but it was sloooow, We got nada and only saw one or two taken, just lots of weeds. This morning, Friday, we were on the water at 5:30 and hit the Oil Docks. Mike got a 12 pounder at 6 and I got one the same size around 7. Quick day and my old buddy got a fish. Good bite this AM at the Oil Docks.

80 and 90 feet on the DR. One hit a purple haze squid and the other a dark green glo squid, both with an Ace Hi Fly underneath and a 4" herring strip loaded with Bloody Tuna Anise on the top hook, south end of the dock.

Yesterday I thought the run was ending but these two fish this morning look pretty fresh.

How's everybody else doing?

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8/10/2018 12:13 PM

Sounds like good times. Fishing is good if you work at it. If you dont work at it maybe not so good. Sounds like you have it pretty well dialed in. Not sure how much longer until they close Chinook but summer run Coho are due soon and there are some nice fish to be had. Tight lines!!!

8/10/2018 1:57 PM
Just checked the WDFW website. 10 was 55% of quota on 8/6, so maybe a few more days left. I'm thinking the middle of this week for the closure if its a busy weekend?