Area 6 East Juan De Fuca Strait Fishing Report

The wife decided she wanted one more boat camping trip so we headed to Washington Park and launched the boat Saturday afternoon. The radio fishing report was talking about Samish bay being good for Chinook so we initially headed there to try and jig the channels.

Found out it is really shallow even approaching high tide, but we did mark some fish and started dropping metal on their heads to no avail. Then the main motor decided it did not want to start (there has been some intermittent motor issues) so after messing with that for an half hour or so we decided we better hit up the mooring buoy over at Cypress head. Motor ran great, but last buoy left was right in the tidal rip, after one unsuccessful try we were able to tie up. Only a few feet from the rocks and the current flowing over made it seem like we were on a river with rapids.

Not the fastest start to the morning but we made it around the other side of Cypress and dropped the lines about 9. There was still some bait balls around, but nothing like two weeks ago with 100' balls all over, but fishing was the same-Nothing. Feeling a bit disappointed I decided to head down towards Deception pass to see if any of the fish heading to the Skagit wanted to play. Wind waves were supposed to only be 1-2', but it was rough with about 4' swells across the channel, but the Glasply plowed on through (note to self, check weather regularly since forcast change frequently).

Just into area 6 we headed up against the cliffs, I said turn right, wife went left (Oh well I thought) and dropped the line about 60' on the wire (maybe 30-40 feet deep), as soon as I set the rod Bam fish on. Nice fight and the hatchery Coho buck into the net. We circled around but no luck getting into any more fish, and by that time it was about time to head in.
I do not have any luck with any type of lure, OG, hootchies, spoons, etc. only herring seems to do the trick. Not sure what I might be doing wrong as it would be nice to not always have to buy herring.

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9/11/2018 8:17 PM

Correction fished last weekend, 8th and 9th.

9/11/2018 8:26 PM

Could be leader length and/or speed. 25lb leader to about 42in leader for lures, 28-36 in leader to 30lb leader. All leader material I use is flurocarbon. For speed try to stay around 3 to 4 mph but more important than speed is line angle try to keep a 45 degree angle on your downrigger line

9/11/2018 8:27 PM
Oops accidentally missed writing in hoochies 28-36 with 30lb fluro for hoochies