Skagit River (Skagit County) Fishing Report

Weekends are not like they used to be. Seems like I have to sneak out during the week to do the things I used to save for weekend fun. Then on the weekend I have to do a bunch of things I don’t want to do. What a cry baby! Got skunked Saturday, but could only fish for an hour or so. Made it out this morning, went upriver from my last few trips. Several boats drifting by including at least one guide boat. Stuck one of those cheapo hammered metal spoons right on the snap tied to hi vis braid. Maybe 3/8 or 1/2 oz? Regular treble hook right out of the package. Walk out to the river, eyeball the current, start out with small to bigger casts/drifts. This spoon is too light won’t sink down, just a little too much current. 4th cast! toss it upriver more to get extra sink time and at the end of the drift in the sweet spot right up near the channel edge... nice 5/6# dime bright hen! Short fight as the hookup was four feet out but maybe 20 feet downstream. She did the roll and twist right in shallow water with rocks had me nervous, then she came at me up the edge of the channel. I had no choice but to reel all the slack up, and with no leader she was 2 feet off my rod tip for a moment. She ran up and then back down and around and I just used her momentum to slide her up the bank. Wow! Awesome! It’s my turn to be the guy that just showed up and got a fish! Yesterday the guy next to me got two in 30 minutes and played them for 20 minutes each. Went ahead and killed a couple hours since I was geared up, but for some reason I switched out to a Krocodile spoon. Couldn’t find that second fish, maybe I’ll go back this evening.
Good luck out there!

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10/7/2018 6:51 PM

Nice, chromer

The Quadfather
10/8/2018 1:16 PM

Always nice reports from you. Nice fish.

10/11/2018 7:03 PM
Thx. Great handle! The Quadfather!
I’ve lurked on the site for years and have wished for more content. I figured I should start posting and see if we can get a little more feedback from folks hitting the north sound rivers. Hardly ever a peep from Skagit or Whatcom.
10/11/2018 7:17 AM

nice fish...…..My river has no Coho so I'm going to check the Skagit River this weekend. Where is the good bank fishing access? Thanks for help, Scott G

10/11/2018 6:56 PM
The public access sites are not secret. I usually start scouting at the spud house on west side and work upriver from there.