Washington Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Fall Cutthroat fishing is in full swing on Lake Wa right now. The lake is starting to turn over, becoming a lot colder on the surface. It dropped about 4 degrees in just over a week.

Most fish are suspended, hanging around that 50 ft Mark. I trolled in front of Kirkland (the usual spot) in about 60 ft of water with the wire consistently set around 52. I fished from 1:30pm to 4pm with 12 caught and released between when I started to about 2:45. The bite slowed down so I decided to throw on a wedding ring and tipped that with a night crawler which seemed to draw out the bigger fish. Shortly after switching out my needle fish to the wedding ring I landed 5 chunky cutties with the largest being 21 inches and the smallest 16 inches.

I was in complete solitude the entire afternoon with the exception of a few planes landing here and there. The water was absolutely calm the entire time. This is truly my favorite time of year to fish on the big lake.

As noticed in the pics, most of these fish are jam packed with bait fish in their bellies. Quite a variety if you ask me. The last fish I caught spit up a small perch that was still alive. I think it’s safe to say these fish are packing on some weight before the winter hits. They are extremely aggressive with the takedowns and seem to have lots of energy when hooked.

I hope more people get out and experience this great fishery while the weather is still nice. There are some monster trout to be had right now. God bless, and tight lines to you all!

- DJ

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10/12/2018 6:45 AM

Nice work...

10/12/2018 7:04 AM

Enjoyed your post and pictures of the bait. October is a great time to fish this lake. The weather this week has been perfect and wish I could get out there. The perch fishing is also very good at this time of year.

10/12/2018 7:53 AM

Awesome report as always! Nice fish!

goldfish crackers
10/12/2018 7:56 AM

Awesome report and pics!
Are those pics of the bait mostly sticklebacks?

Ben Eggertsen
10/12/2018 9:50 AM

Your reports are great! Really fun and informative. I like the pics of the bait fish. BTW Nice fillet job on the trout.

10/12/2018 12:09 PM

DJ I swear you could catch fish in a mud puddle!!! Nice fish and great fillet job. Coho catching went off a cliff so looks like its time to hit the big lake. Thanks for the report.

10/12/2018 8:48 PM
Not an understatement! lol
The Quadfather
10/12/2018 2:12 PM

Couldn’t agree more on the solitude/best time of year for a nice experience on the big lake.
Rewind to just 3 weeks ago... Coho mojo. (I prefer Nov-Feb). (-:

10/12/2018 8:47 PM

Way to knock it out o' the ball park brutha! Heading to Sammamish tomorrow, hope to have as good success there on the cutts. Tight lines and God's blessings to you!

10/14/2018 12:27 PM

I'm gonna have to drive up north further and come try your fishin hole. I'm curious.. What do you think makes this spot a good cutthroat location? Maybe the shallow 30-40ft bluff in close relationship to the ledge / deep lake bottom?

10/14/2018 4:38 PM

Nice Cutts DJ!!!