Chelan Lake (Chelan County) Fishing Report

Well had a nice long report, but it went away so here is a condensed version. Fished both Sunday and Monday with poor results. All told one nice lake trout ,one chinook and a couple nice Cutts. Fished within ten feet of the bottom on two rods and one rod on top. Top rod got the chinook. The one lake trout we got was full of eggs so maybe they were not to into eating at this point. Also made it down to Stehekin which was really fun. Was a little nervous about that in our smaller boat, but watched the weather really close and had no problems. I highly recommend staying at a boat in campsite if you can. Only saw a few other boats fishing and most said they were chasing kokanee.

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10/31/2018 8:37 AM

were they catching any kokes