South Fork Nooksack River (Whatcom County) Fishing Report

What's everyone afraid to post about all the limits they're catching? Lol went up today and realized it was senior citizen Tuesday on the river. If you weren't limiting, you probably weren't using under a float, or 8 feet of leader. Gosh I get a kick out of some of the folks up there. I got into some chrome, but most the others I caught and saw caught were pretty dark. I'll see you all up there on Saturday Mornin lol ???

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10/30/2018 9:18 PM

Nice to see some bright fish, great job

11/1/2018 9:29 PM

They probably don't post about it, because they don't want the entire internet knowing about it.

11/2/2018 4:34 PM

The river surpassed flood levels today, I don't know if you'll be catching much tomorrow.