18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Fishing Report

Launched at 7 Bays about 10 am. Motored to Hawk Creek bay and started trolling leaded lines, two with flies (one orange and one perch, and one with herring dodger and orange fly. All tipped with a piece of nightcrawler. The no dodger orange got hit immediately and landed a nice fat 18 to 19 inch unclipped. The orange got more hits before the perch started getting action. The dodger rig was definitely slower and had a tougher time keeping the fish on. Finally pulled off the dodger and put on a yellow fly. All colors got hit with the orange best and the perch close behind. Fished mostly over 30 to 40 ' water . Speed varied from 1.5 to 2.5. About 150 feet of line including 40 ' leader and leaded line. Two fishermen ended the day with 8 in the box, 14 to 17" and 5 released on purpose and another 5 released themselves. Weather overcast fog initially with light wind chop. Went flat about 1pm and cleared. Bite was better before the weather cleared. Moved to north of the confluence along the east shore and got a few more bites but spotty action. Quit just before sunset. Not spectacular fishing but pretty good and love being out on Roosevelt. Beautiful and quiet. Saw maybe five boats all day.

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10/31/2018 8:08 AM

It does sound like a good day indeed. A little grey weather, a light chop and not many boats, I like those days. Thanks for the report.

10/31/2018 8:45 AM

Thanks for your report!! You learned what I did years ago, plain fly at the end of the leader catches just as many fish as added gear between. Leadcore, leader, and a fly tipped with worm is about as simple as it can get and WORKS, no dodgers, spinners, gang trolls, downriggers, etc. I like simple and effective. When the lake lays down and sun comes out that's when I head for the launch or just go for a boat ride. ;-)

10/31/2018 11:42 AM

I totally agree about the leaded line/long leader /no dodger or flasher ect. way of fishing too. I've been doing that at least for the last couple years mainly on the west side, but also over on the eastside at Sprague, Rock, Roosevelt, and Conconully with great success. Way to go Bonnanzamel. K- fly type flies do work very well for me, as well as the Old Goat1"s. Can't get too much time on the water no matter where it is.