Area 9 Admiralty Inlet Fishing Report

Well, this is actually a 1.5 star as I didn't catch a few, but one. I was going for both/either squid/herring and couldn't get either of them to hit the lures. Don't know what was going on - big school of squid right on the top going round and round but almost nothing brought in unless they were snagged.

I was hopeful that the season isn't over - the number and size of them was pretty impressive, but they just weren't in mating mode yet.

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11/3/2018 1:37 AM

Ive heard a few scattered reports like yours recently. Big schools of large squid... but not biting or being chased by seals. Looks like theyre finally coming in though! The last time I saw the big schools of uninterested squid, I was able to get some of them to bite by tossing 1 small but extremely bright glow jig by itself. I dont think Ive ever seen the squid act this strangely.? Maybe the commercial squid boats ruffed them up on their way in.

Seattle Pat
11/3/2018 6:30 AM
I know - I just heard about the Indians now commercially fishing for squid.
It's a good thing we have that Judge Bolt decision so .001% of the population can get half of all the seafood in Puget Sound, since they "need it" for their livelihood and survival. I'm just wondering how the Orca's are so discerning that they only eat the food that the non-Indian's are catching - i.e., we hear their food source is endangered, but somehow stringing a net clear across the sound to take EVERYTHING doesn't somehow bother their food source. Anybody have a good answer for this?