Cassidy Lake (Snohomish County) Fishing Report

I took day off saw new Queen Movie last night (recommend it) and didn't get home until slept in and saw Sun this dressed and hit lake 11am...two kayakers where there out deep bottom fishing...I went right as wind was going to send me that way any how...used top water minnow and spinnerbait green/black to start...tried first set of pads was calmer further back so tried that but no hits...first bite came by dock by people that feed the birds nice 12" after two twitches of top water minnow...he hit hard. Wind was picking up so decided to put on countdown minnow perch on my 2nd pole and paddle out and cast towards hits by next few docks and birdhouses where I got hits on Sunday...went around corner no action and wind was getting worse so top water is tough to do if your drifting.
Went to channel and tried in there for a while...didn't see any fish or get any hits. Back at lake tried down South end where I got fish on Sunday and sure enough got 12" by shore he hit it hard after long pause after cast. Then got first one on countdown minnow nice 13" that hit right away after two seconds to let it sink. The wind gusts really picked up and was getting rollers and white decided to row back to west side of lake past boat they wind was coming from NW it was calmer on that side...back to top water two past blue house and channel close to shore within couple minutes and one more further down. Tried buzzbait at this time but no hits...talked with older guy fishing on new dock there and he wasn't having any luck...I went past him 2nd cast fish on...he was holding in pads but towards 2nd bite about couple minutes later but missed him. Went to east side again as it calmed down and do better two fish 12" and 11" and had another bite...but then rain and wind picked up again and gave up.

Rowing in whitecaps is alway fun...

Got 8 bass on 11 bites...not bad day with 20 mph gusts. At least it was warm.


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Geno the Viking
11/2/2018 9:14 PM

I almost came out to join you today but got lazy and the wind scared me off. Sounds like you had fun. Good report.

11/2/2018 9:37 PM
Yeah wind was a bit much glad it was warm.
11/11/2018 4:43 PM
Geno went this Saturday...water was way up over last one hit is all and.pads we're half I am done Bassin until next year.