Cassidy Lake (Snohomish County) Fishing Report

Well, I checked weather forecast said 20 percent chance of rain until hit Cassidy just before 8am..nice and calm and two others on the lake...went right from launch no bites until 3rd dock had hit out front but missed my top water minnow and wouldnt hit it first fish in pads towards back...12". Had one roll and spooked a big one right before. Rain started but still calm an hour in...went by birdhouses no bites tried swimming countdown minnow as Then got to far end and had swirl in back...then reeled in my top water minnow fish on...11". Got to far end and tired around wood and got nice 13" in front of trees ..he hit hard despite the rain. Got another fish by pillars dock 11". Rain wasn't letting up glad I brought rain gear and my boat needed a wash...far end by centennial trail dock decided to try buzzbait...figured they may find the lure in the rain better...third cast close to shore Bam good pull...good fight staying down...get him in nice 14"...take selfie and release him back.. the wind picked up and was pushing me North...tried buzzbait down side no more hits...rowed for home..quit about 11:30am..other boats were long gone...

Got six 14", 13", 12" were largest today...all catch and released.


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bob johansen
11/4/2018 10:19 AM

Six fish in November is a good day. Nice detailed report - almost felt like I was there.

11/4/2018 1:46 PM
Yep it wasn't a bad day ended on a good note with big one. I tried Clear Lake this am due to wind at was flooded all the pads were saw one trout surface in pads...but got no year for that lake.
The Quadfather
11/5/2018 8:17 PM

You always write a great report, James.
Appreciate it.

11/6/2018 5:27 PM
thanks...hope to have another this weekend:)