Bradley Lake (Pierce County) Fishing Report

I put my salmon poles aside, and me and my buddy decided to try for some 'Bows'. We went to American Lake this morning and found out that Bill's Boathouse Dock is closed. Bummer, so we had two choices Spanaway Lake or Bradley. We ended up going to Bradley and glad we did. As we were getting ready packing up, a grandpa and his grandson started fishing by us. I noticed their gear. They were pitching a blue hoochie.
I made friendly conversations as I
made my last cast with my bronze Kastmaster, I hooked another Rainbow, so I handed my pole to the boy and let him bring it in. The smile on his face was priceless. As we were leaving, my buddy gave them our worms and rest of our Power Bait Chartreuse, and I ended up giving the boy my Kastmaster.
Fish we caught weren't big but fun to catch on 4lb test. And I'm pretty sure our new friends didn't get skunked either.

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11/4/2018 6:45 AM

Nice of you to “pay it forward”. Very cool of you.

11/4/2018 7:05 AM

What a great thing to do! You'll be rewarded down the road. Nice mess of fish too. :-)

11/5/2018 8:29 AM

That’s awesome, and thanks for giving back!!! On a side note, I am assuming you drive because you said you were at American Lake in the morning, which means your at least 16, please remember that as of July 1st 2018 Bradley is a Juvenile Only Fisheries, under 15 only, or over 70....but thank you for helping a kid....

11/5/2018 9:54 AM
Thank you! I never knew they changed the lake to juvenile and disabled. I just read the regulations. I fished this lake back in 2016 and 2017 when I had nowhere to go. Thanks for the watching out.