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18 - Lake Roosevelt South End to Spokane Confluence Report



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Rainbow Trout
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Met up with long time friend Ron and only took a light load of tackle with me....two lead core poles and one bag with tackle. He couldn't believe it! We then met up with Ron's employee Daniel and Ron's brother in law Jeff. Headed to Seven Bays on Roosevelt for an 8:00 AM launch. The weather was cloudy but warm at 43 degrees with light winds.

Started fishing just outside the buoy at the mouth of the marina. We put out two planer boards, and three downriggers. Ron ran a mixture of tackle on three rods on the planer on lead core on his planer and I ran two lead cores at three colors on my side starting with the orange Dick Night spoon from last week and a new fly I had not tried. We trolled at 2 mph plus with the iTroll handling the speed control for the kicker. We went out through the bay to the right and up the side towards the confluence. The Dick Night was the first to go off; wow what a nice fish! Lots of fight and you guessed it...seemed to have an extra fin and was safely released to swim another day. We proceeded to catch six wilds and three hatchery in the next hour or so and then things went quiet. The Dick Night and new fly were never touched again. Back in the box they go for another day.

Around 10 we decided to move up river to where Brisco and I caught fish last weekend. I put on an orange shrimp fly from Captain Dave along with an orange/black Kekeda. The fish liked both flies the best tipped with garlic bloody tuna corn in natural color. The captain Dave fly edged out the ever so great Kekeda this day but as many of you know that can change with the mood of the fish. The other winners for the day were a custom fly tied by Ron's son in olive with some white mixed in run at 25' on the downrigger. Another great producer was an orange Apex behind a sling blade dodger in UV and red herring bone pattern.

We end up around 2:00 PM with 17 of the twenty in the boat and plenty of lost opportunity to put the other three in for the limit. As always the fish are fat with red mead; great eats for sure!! Thanks Ron for another great day on Roosevelt.

Tight lines all - Alan
"The Experiment Must Continue"

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Mike Carey
11/4/2018 11:46:29 AM
11/4/2018 12:14:55 PM
Hello, I have been fishing once a month or so out of Keller. Not too many over the 15" mark, but all fat and with full bellies. Hoping to do some winter trips for the first time, last week of October was as late I have fished. Hoping those bows grow to 17" by spring.
11/4/2018 1:55:39 PM
Hey Alan, looks like you've got that new boat dressed out pretty nice! Looks like a porcupine. LOL Good to see you out and gettin' em. Thanks for the report. Andy
11/4/2018 3:49:43 PM
Thanks Andy that's friend Ron's boat. Just finishing the new hydraulic steering and I'm going to have a new top built more to my liking. Gotta keep old man winter out you know.
11/4/2018 4:27:09 PM
Aha! Well at least you have good taste in who to fish with until yours is ready.
11/4/2018 4:39:19 PM
I agree with afk...
11/4/2018 5:26:59 PM
Sounds like a great day on the water. Nice fish for sure.
11/4/2018 6:55:26 PM
Nice batch of fish Al.
11/4/2018 10:12:51 PM
Thanks for the flies Dave. Worked great and the fish inhaled them making for very solid hook ups.
11/8/2018 9:05:46 AM
Really enjoy reading about epic days at Roosevelt, some mighty nice hogs in those pics too! Thanks for an awesome report. :-)
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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Ross Outdoor Adventures

Phone: (509) 750-7763