Minter Creek (Jefferson County) Fishing Report

From my start time in the morning until I left, at the least 95% of the fish I saw landed were intentionally snagged and about 90% were kept. I also saw a Local YouTuber Kid some of you may know, fishing in a spot away from everybody else and intentionally snagged a solo fish on low tide. The entertainment didn't stop there; He had pictures taken of the fish after snagging it. Maybe it will pop up in a video or be found in a store on a wall along with pictures of other fisherman's legally caught fish.

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Bent hook pontoon
11/6/2018 4:51 PM

sounds like you need a new fishing hole! If people who are out of your controle are having issues with following the laws and it is having this big of a negative effect on your day it sounds like it is time to find a new hole. From what i know it's very common in the Chum world. Do you eat the fish or are you just after the roe? i have never had the desire to fish for some thing I don't plan on eating.

11/6/2018 5:21 PM
BHP, did you happen to notice the posters screen name?

Also, I don’t fish to eat em. We are all different in that regard.
Bent hook pontoon
11/7/2018 1:55 PM
tmbob. I should clarify. I don't keep/kill any animal that i'm not planning on eating. I am 100% on board with catch and release, I do a lot of that. I am a advocate for following the regulations and am doing my part by instilling those moral and ethical standards on my house holds young anglers as well.
11/6/2018 6:43 PM

Poached salmon is good start it with olive oil and seasoning then add a cup of water and cover. Lol

11/7/2018 7:02 PM

Why not call the WDFW and report these violations? They have a poaching hotline if I'm not mistaken. I'd call them.

11/8/2018 5:01 PM

A few additions...Minter Creek is in Pierce county. The WDFW could care less about what goes on at Minter Creek. They could triple their yearly budget writing citations here, but turn a blind eye. This used to be a decent fishery where you could take a kid and teach them the about the life cycle of salmon and stand a reasonably good chance of them catching a chum. Because WDFW turns a blind eye to what goes on there, it has become a snag fest. When you see "fishermen" using 50 lb braid, 4/0 hooks with 1 ounce weights in 12 inches of water, well you get the picture on what it has become. I took the advice of BHP, and found a new fishing hole a few years ago, when one of these "sportsman" wanted to fight when i commented on his snagging prowess. A real shame on what this has been allowed to occur there.

11/9/2018 5:51 PM
They were writing tickets yesterday.
11/9/2018 5:58 PM

Shame shame Sabastian???

11/12/2018 8:27 PM
Does anyone know who the local YouTuber was ?