Riffe Lake (Lewis County) Fishing Report

(This was the 29th of December) Made the long drive out to rife in search of some landlock coho. We left at 5:30am and got to the dam at 7:30am it was still dark so we took a nap till 8 when it was ligh enough for us to maneuver the wet rocks. Started fishing a slip Bobber and shrimp. The guys next to us caught 1. I got a hit on the Bobber and my dad caught a nice 10 incher casting and reeling a hoochie. Saw what looked to be a 5lb coho right under the surface, showed no interest in anything. Brother managed to catch a few sculpin. Packed up and went to Swofford pond, the outflow. Geared up with waders and started off. Caught a couple 5 inch juvenile salmon. Hiked the stream fishing it with no luck. Walked across the flats and fished the main lake with no success. Even tried fishing Swofford at the end. No fish there. Fun day out there even with only 1 fish to show.

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