Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Had a heck of a morning on Sammamish today! 2 hours with 2 limits of a mixed bag of Coho and Cutthroat. A buddy and I fished the upper North west side of the lake with bird activity all of over the place. Which gave us a good sign that there are feeding on midgets and that’s where those fish and birds will be feeding heavily on. Must of been a huge hatch, the boat was completely covered by the end of the morning! The gear of choice was Prototype Elgin Fishing Gods Tooth dodgers paired with Diamond Flash Spinner both Red and 50/50 Silver colors. Tipped the hooks with worms trolling about 1.3-1.7 mph. Covering depths between the surface and 20 feet. Single and double hookups were the norm. Shout out to a good friend of mine Paul Lewis of Fast Action Fishing Adventures, for the tips and tricks to get in on this great fishery! Even though he did not fish with us I couldn’t recommend enough. If your having trouble getting these fish dialed in, give Paul a call for sure! Also remember that there is Coho to be caught here. But this time of year they need to be Hatchery and 12 inches minimum to keep and make sure you know your species. Tight lines everybody!

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1/4/2019 12:30 PM

Great trip report, looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Thank you for the details and update. I will be trying the lake tomorrow if weather holds and share back.

1/5/2019 9:29 AM

Hello, great report. Just curious what length setback you had from the downrigger weights? Thanks

1/5/2019 6:10 PM
We were running 50-100 feet behind the boat. Tight lines
1/5/2019 11:38 PM

Nice day Isaiah!

1/6/2019 9:30 AM
Thanks Josh! Fun day day for sure