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Green River Report
King County, WA



Coho Salmon

Hit the lower river around noon today. Saw 1 jumper the whole hour and a half I was there. It was slow the first hour or so I was there, didn't even get a nibble from the sculpins. Then just like the day before the bite turned on like a switch. Went 0/7 in about a ten minute span, lost a few right at the bank. Switched out hooks and proceeded to quickly limit out. I went 8 cast 8 bites in a row landing all 8 while turning loose a mini jack and a slightly blushed adult.


10/4/2019 1:47:58 PM
Do you mind to share the location where it's possible to fish Green River from bank? I'm just getting started with salmon fishing. I have waders if they are necessary. Thanks.
10/4/2019 2:39:55 PM
Pretty much the whole river is quite accessible due to the Green River Trail. If you are planning on fishing corkies I'd recommend fishing the upper river at the Kent soccer fields. Another popular spot you can try is below the Meeker st bridge by the Riverbend Golf Complex.
10/4/2019 4:27:44 PM
Thanks I might go there tomorrow morning. I guess I'll try spinners.
Question: is Green River affected by the tidal water the same way as Duwamish river on 112th?
10/4/2019 4:48:57 PM
@komdiv: The lower portion around Costco is, but not to the same degree.
10/6/2019 10:37:29 PM
Is there another name for the kent soccer fields? Looked it up and nothing came up
10/6/2019 10:59:54 PM
Pea Patch Playfields
10/7/2019 10:32:20 PM
Fished there today and saw no coho. Caught a few pinks that were fresher than expected and a 25-30lb king I released. Great fight though!
10/4/2019 4:13:08 PM
Great report and congrats on getting the hook ups! I had the same issue today fishing a spinner with them coming unbuttoned right at the bank. The spinners had barbless single siwash on them so I switched them out... By the time I got back casting the bite was over...2 fish were hooked in less than 3 minutes. What hooks did you wind up bringing them in on?
10/4/2019 4:53:05 PM
I just switched out a dull hook for a sharper one, they were 1/0 black Gami octopus hooks.
10/5/2019 6:48:22 AM
Okay thanks man
10/4/2019 5:53:45 PM
Excellent job. Do you know if eggs work well around the upper portion of the river? Thanks.
10/4/2019 7:19:14 PM
Yes, eggs will work up there.
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