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Green River Report
King County, WA



51° - 55°
Float Fishing
Coho Salmon
Fish Eggs
Bait Only

Hit the middle Green on Sat. in Kent and was able to catch a couple decent coho wild adults on eggs. Tried some smaller hooks and that helped improve my ability to get a solid hookset and yard them in. First fish was caught around 7:55am and second fish about 45 minutes later.

Tried for another 3 or 4 hours using eggs, doctored up eggs, spinners and twitchin jigs...Not a single hit and only a few rolling and jumping. Fish definitely seemed a little more active first hour of the day.

The first one was a little colored up but still a nice decent fish. I was a little disappointed cause I thought he could have been a jack. But when I saw he had an adipose fin, I was like...alright! That's cool! First one of the year...

With the size 1 Eagle Claw (yes I used some older salmon/steelhead Eagle Claws I had cause that's all I had in that size :) hook he was pinned good, right in the corner of the mouth.

I also used a lil bit of yarn in the egg loop too...both for attraction and something for their sharp teeth to get stuck on...How my egg fishin' has gone lately, I need all the help I could get :)

Next thing to change up I think is to get rid of the 3/4oz float and move down to a 3/8th...Less resistance for the fish to feel as he nibbles on the bait, allowing a faster reaction time for me.

Although, the chums ought to be showing at any time...so, we'll see...I may just keep using what I have...Plus I like throwing a little heavier weight to cast further and sink faster allowing me to fish in a bit faster water if I want to...key on low clear rivers in the middle of day when the fish seek protection in seams, riffles, etc.

Second fish was hooked solid! When she got hooked she tried to make a few runs and throw the hook by leaping out of the water but I wouldn't' let her...I pinned her down and not sure of how good she was hooked I yarded her onto the shore in a hurry. Would have loved to played her out a bit but this hole I fish has quite a few snags and I didn't want her to get off...

Was thoroughly surprised at how chrome she was! Brightest fish I've caught yet this season! Noticed a big gouge in her nose...Wonder what that is from? Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe she escaped one of the nets? Either that or another fish bit her? No idea...Just guesses :)

Was happy to cut her open and find a couple nice sized skeins that I'm curing up for more bait right now.

The way I bleed my fish now, leaves hardly any blood in the eggs and the meat quality has been superb!

When I bring a fish in, I pin her down, remove the hook, get her on a stringer and take her back to the water and rips the gills on both sides...If she thrashes around too much I'll thump her upside the head. I'm doing all this while rinsing her off in the water...The heart is still pumpin and so she's pumpin the rest of the blood out of her...I gently massage the length of the fish to help extract as much blood out as I can...Then I put the fish in the water, secure the stringer and get back to fishin.

Was happy to see she was also a wild fish. So, if you're waiting for the ocean fish to show up, they're here! Get out there, get after them and let's see your reports!

I know there's been some nice sized ones getting caught...She weighed 5lbs. before gutting her out...Biggest one so far but I'm still wanting some bigger ones :)

Enjoy and Good luck!

Happy Hooker Out :)


10/8/2019 9:16:37 AM
Where are some good areas to fish in kent and the lower river? Fished the pea patch area and only caught pinks and a big king yesterday that I released.
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