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Green River Report
King County, WA


56° - 60°
Coho Salmon
Fish Eggs

Hit the river from about 11 until 3:30 today...

Went back to that same hole where I've hooked a few...Couldn't get any bites today on eggs nor on a spinner despite seeing a few jumpers...Even saw one fish thrashing around in the overhanging brush and limbs...You'd think he was trying to be an amphibian :)

Anyway...Things seemed pretty slow there and so I packed up and moved to a different spot upriver that required a pretty long hike to get to the river. Fished bobber and eggs there as well. Saw a few more jumpers but no takers.

Tried floating my float way down to where I saw a few jumping and rollin' around in a hole on the far bank. Had to make quite the cast to get there...Just as my bobber got down there it got all snagged up...When I pulled it loose, despite running a bobber stop below my float, I lost the entire float rigging. Shortly after I noticed the salmon down in that hole jumping some more. Hope they don't get hooked on my egg leader down there and can't live to survive another day.

Since it would have taken me too long to re-rig another float, I picked up my drift rod and first cast with a spinner...Snagged up...Lost a spinner...Ugggh! Just wasn't my day.

So, I tried a cheap homemade jig and also another spinner with no success.

Packed it up, called it a day and went scouting out new ground.

Not as many fish jumping or rolling where I was today and most of what I saw were darkies.

Looking forward to this rain pushing some fresh ones upriver...


10/17/2019 7:26:26 PM
Hey Happy Hooker. Been there before for sure. Sounds like a tough day. Hopefully the rain will push more upstream. Keep posting! I really enjoy your posts.
10/17/2019 7:31:53 PM
No worries man! Been catchin' about 40-50% of the time so can't complain too much...Used to catch way less than that so I must be learnin' something :)

Glad you enjoy the reports...Rain's got the fish on the move for sure. Oh and I enjoy posting from my trips too...Kinda helps me keep a fish log of sorts and I figure if others can learn from my screw-ups or successes then that's good too. Always happy to help other folks out when/if I can.

Tight lines!
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