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Green River Report
King County, WA


51° - 55°
Coho Salmon
Fish Eggs

This past Friday morning I hit the river a little later than I would have liked...Got up early and had to re-rig my float set up since I just lost everything the trip prior.

Nothing like having your morning coffee and tying double uni knots :)

Thought all I had to re-rig was the float setup...Turns out I forgot that I broke off right at the knot where I joined the 30lb braid to my 25lb top shot.

Sucks to loose your top shot and your entire float rig...Plus, it was raining like a son of a gun, so I didn't get to the water until around 10ish.

I wasn't looking forward to fishing in a down pour but wasn't gonna let that stop me. That's why I have good rain gear :)


I decided to fish a spot down lower near the Kent/Tukwila line where I haven't had much success (but others have) and wanted to see if I could find some fresher fish.

Was surprised to see how much the river had come up...Wasn't much room on the sandbar at this hole.

This older guy had been there since daylight...

He told me he caught a few earlier that morning but ran out of eggs.

I told him he was welcome to use some of mine if he wanted.

He moseyed on over there and within 10 minutes hooked up drifting my eggs...He left out of there with a limit...So, even though I didn't catch anything, it was good seeing someone else catch something with the eggs I cured.

Having fished this spot before, I knew he was in the best spot free from most of the snags...He was fishing the bottom of the hole.

I was planning on covering some ground but after seeing him walk out of there with a limit I kept pounding away at it..I used up all my time there and so wasn't able to get to my upper holes.

I had an hour or so that evening and went to the upper holes and saw quite a few nice jumpers and had a couple hits on eggs and spinners both...Ran out of daylight though so had to call it a day.

There were a lot of fish on the move and fish are spread all throughout the system right now. Get on them!

Eggs and spinners have been working for me the most this season.


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Available Guide

Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Fast Action Guide Service

Phone: (425) 753-5772