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Ki Lake Report
Snohomish County, WA



51° - 55°
Trolling W/Downriggers
Rainbow Trout
51° - 55°

I wanted to fish Ki before it closed until next spring as I hadn't fished it yet this year. Loaded up the Hobie and headed out. Day started off great, overcast and calm and not too cold.

I started 1 line with an Elgin Fishing God's Tooth Spoon in a frog pattern, and the other line with a God's Tooth Dodger and 16 inches of leader to a brown trout pattern God's Tooth Spoon. The frog pattern would stay hot all morning, the other line I messed around with lots of different set ups with the God's Tooth, eventually finding that a 50/50 Kokanee rigged God's Tooth, 16 inches of leader to a God's Tooth Dodger would be hot. At one time I even ran a Doc Sprately fly with the God's Tooth... and it got fish as well.

All of my fish were caught around 30 feet down. I would land around 20 for the morning, keeping my 5 in the end for the smoker. The wind really kicked up as the morning went along and got to the point where it became difficult to steer the Hobie. It was time to net the last few fish and go home. Speed seemed to be between 1.2 - 1.4 mph to get the bites.

Fun lake that I like to hit at least once a year. The lake has produced for me every time. No big fish, but more than enough action to make up for it.

Video shows most of the action for the day.


10/27/2019 10:17:07 AM
Thanks for the report & Video. I’m thinking really hard about getting an Oldtown Predator for some spots on the Columbia and maybe try the west side Squidding away from the crowds.
I like the Hobie just don’t think I could deal with the wife if I spent that much :))
10/27/2019 2:11:47 PM
Kayak fishing is so much fun. Its what I call active fishing. Never do you just set your lines down and just go. You are actively involved the entire time.
10/27/2019 12:08:24 PM
Excellent job Josh! Hobie put you on the fish and looks like a fun time for sure! Great video and report! ??
10/27/2019 12:11:37 PM
Question marks supposed to be a smiley emoji, oh well! :-)
10/27/2019 2:13:41 PM
Thanks Russ. The spoons and dodgers were again a winner! Was fum messing around with different set ups.
10/27/2019 12:08:26 PM
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