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Area 10 Seattle - Bremerton Report



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Sometimes fishing will just make you scratch your head and wonder…

Five trips averaging a fish a trip I figure the coho were not quite in. I didn’t have high expectations for this day, fishing with Rob and Hillary Holman, and Paul Hamilton. I hoped to get them on some fish, maybe a fish for everyone if it was red hot.

We launched out of Edmonds Marina and motored out into a medium thick fog, able to see about 75 yards or so in any direction. It stayed that way until 11:30am and then burned off. Winds were light out of the north, and HT was at 815 or so.

We ran for rods. The downriggers had flashers and hoochies, then a deep six with a rotator and spoon, and on the starboard rod I ran a rotator and a spoon, using a slider weight to stack it down to 50 feet of line. The Deep six I set back 100 feet. Port rod was at 50 feet, Starboard rod at 70 feet. I didn’t vary those depths much all day. Trolling speed 2.8 to 3.3mph.

First fish came in at around 8am, guests got the rods first (except Paul. I elbowed him out when it was his turn, LOL).

The action was steady and by 130pm surprise surprise we had eight coho in the boat, all ocean fish, with was a jack that was small but drowned and thus kept. All the rods got fish except for the Deep Six, which was unusual to me. The hot set up was the stacker rod with a red rotator and a green/black/white spoon. Herring strips were used on the hoochies.

Bottom line, I ended up looking like a coho genius, which I thought was pretty funny considering how tough it had been for me out there thus far. The punch line is I took my son James out the next day and we got skunked and blown off the water by 1030am. That’s fishing!


9/9/2020 4:28:39 AM
Nicely done!
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