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Panther Fishing Reports

The most recent fishing reports are posted below. Use the following filters to customize the latest fishing reports list.
Report Rating Legend
N/A Poor Fair Good Great HOT
Date Species Angler
04/29/16 Rainbow Trout Ball_Gawd
05/25/15 Rainbow Trout Ball_Gawd
05/27/14 Largemouth Bass DavidA
05/23/14 Rainbow Trout Ball_Gawd
05/20/14 Rainbow Trout Ball_Gawd
06/10/13 Rainbow Trout russj706
06/09/13 Rainbow Trout AceCameron1
05/29/13 Rainbow Trout DavidA
09/23/12 Rainbow Trout Rhino
09/17/12 Rainbow Trout Rhino
09/17/12 Rainbow Trout Rhino
06/25/12 Rainbow Trout Cammiey
06/15/12 Rainbow Trout Anonymous
05/18/12 Rainbow Trout Cammiey
05/13/12 Rainbow Trout ebfive
05/11/12 Rainbow Trout eddieg1
08/05/11 Rainbow Trout Oreana11
07/10/11 Largemouth Bass Todd Middaugh
06/25/11 Trout ronman564
06/18/11 Largemouth Bass bob johansen
06/17/11 Largemouth Bass Mike Carey
06/14/11 Largemouth Bass Todd Middaugh
06/11/11 Largemouth Bass Sounguru
05/31/11 Largemouth Bass davidwat1
05/21/11 Rainbow Trout tfguy