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By: sgreni
Posted: 8/15/2017
Species: Salmon
Rating: 4
Fished: 8/14/2017
Hot Spots: 0
Had a good evening after work fishing the Pt. Defiance area. Caught Two Silvers, One Pink and a small Chinook. Was nice to get out and into some fish.
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By: sgreni
Posted: 1/7/2016
Species: Steelhead
Rating: 2
Fished: 12/31/2015
Hot Spots: 1
Had to get out after all the rain and try for some Steelhead. Had been successful this time of year in the past and wanted to try again. Apparently other people had the same Idea, because when we were...
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By: sgreni
Posted: 11/4/2015
Species: Chinook Salmon
Rating: 4
Fished: 10/26/2015
Hot Spots: 3
Well we braved the rain to do the Barrier to Blue creek float in the drift boat with my buddy Brandon who had a couple days off from the Army. It started out pretty sloppy wet, but we weren't deterred...
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