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December 2000

End of the Year Thoughts... As 2000 fades away into 2001, I thought I would look back on the year here at and talk about where we've been, and where I hope to see us go. It's been another year of tremendous growth both in readership numbers and in growth of content. 2000 saw over 294,000 visits to this web site. That compares with about 130,600 visits in 1999. We posted 9...[more]

November 2000

Many fishermen don't put their rods away at the first hint of frost. They know about the tendency of fish to feed heavily on snails during fall months. Some of my largest trout have been caught during autumn with snail imitations. These fish sound and feel like a bag of walnuts as I run my hand carefully along their stomachs. Another indication of fish feeding on snails is a reddened vent where w...[more]

July 2000

Lake Washington Sockeye Season For 2000 Matt with a handful! WDFW announced we will have a year 2000 sockeye fishery on Lake Washington. There will be a two fish, minimum size 15" daily limit. There are also certain closed closed days. Sockeye pictures from the Ballard Fish Ladder (from WDFW web site). Reader's Sockeye-related fishin...[more]

April 2000

Trout fishing in our local lakes can be a satisfying and rewarding experience if you understand the nature of the creature you are fishing for. Most of these fish were raised in concrete tanks at a fish hatchery since they emerged from the egg. These tanks are about four feet deep and very crowded. The food comes from above and is often delivered either by human hand or by machine. Obviously, they...[more]

February 2000

DO TEN PERCENT OF THE ANGLERS CATCH 90 PERCENT OF THE FISH? The old adage that ten percent of the fishermen catch ninety percent of the fish may not be totally accurate, but it is probably more true than most of the other 90 percent would like to admit. Many of the ninety percent of the anglers, that catch only ten percent of the fish, are those casual fishermen that only dust off...[more]