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November 2002

These are exciting times for anglers who seek trophy trout here in Washington State. I have looked at the records for a variety of species over the years, and because they hadn’t changed in decades, I was pretty discouraged about the potential of ever seeing my name listed next to one. Now, I’m not going to tell you that my name is appearing anywhere in the state’s record books, but the possibilit...[more]

October 2002

Fall Upriver Brights of the Hanford Reach By Mike Carey October 5-6,2002 Every year I read about the great fishing at Hanford. Chinook ranging from 30-50 pounds being caught left and right. Chinook fishing getting better every year. And every year I think "maybe next year - I really need to check out this fishery". Then I read about the boat launch at Vernita Bridge being a 4 wheel dr...[more]

September 2002

When I suggested an article about Palmer Lake and its potential for a state record smallmouth bass, I told the editor that I may have some trouble getting the scoop on this one. Palmer Lake is in northern Okanogan County in Eastern Washington, and the folks up here are very protective of their waters. This is a remote region of the state and most anglers are tight-lipped about the fishing. Su...[more]

August 2002

I’ll admit that I had fished Blue Lake once before, but it was so long ago I think I was still in college. That makes it ancient history. Very ancient. I didn’t know what to expect, but I had some good reasons to give it a try. Early bird fishers on Blue lake. You see in the Fall of 1999, the state "rehabed" Blue Lake (and Park by the way, but you’ll hear about it later), and then re...[more]

July 2002

Banks Lake Bass July 4, 2002 Construction of the Grand Coulee Dam was by far one of the most significant projects to affect Washington State. With the completion of the dam, huge reservoirs were created which became destination spots for spiny ray fishermen. Banks lake is a 32 mile long reservoir that holds a plethora of fish species. It is stocked with rainbow and has kokanee, perch, crapp...[more]

The first time I fished this 45-acre lake was in the late 1970’s. The remarkable thing about it at that time was the wide girth of the 13-inch rainbows we pulled from the lake while fishing from the bank with hellgrammites. Selective gear rules now apply to the lake, including a one fish limit. As I drove down the access road more than twenty years later, I spotted a mule deer with velvet h...[more]

June 2002

When I planned an extended mid-May fishing trip to several waters in North Central Washington, I was sure to include Evergreen Reservoir. The lakes that were included on my list I had either never fished, or fished so long ago I didn’t know what to expect. I added Evergreen Reservoir to the number of lakes to visit. Its reputation for producing good numbers of a long list of warmwater species assu...[more]

Blue Gloves By Anton Jones I am a fishing guide in North Central Washington on Lake Chelan. I fish over 100 days per year. Among the great joys in my life are my grandchildren. Now that we live overlooking beautiful Lake Chelan, our grandkids come to visit more often. They call me Papa. During the summer, the two older grandkids (9 & 6) love to play in the water, whether it is swimming in th...[more]

May 2002

Of course you can’t tell by reading this, but I ‘m whispering. Whispering because I’m about to reveal one of the best kept secrets in spinyray fishing in North Central Washington. Whether you’re a tournament-class bass angler, or just someone who wants to take the kids out for an action-packed day, Dry Lake will fill the bill. I am confident that Dry Lake is pretty much a secret because everyone I...[more]

An opening weekend tradition for many Washington anglers, 346-acre Park Lake and 536-acre Blue Lake are up to the challenge. Each year over 300,000 fingerlings are planted between the two lakes and to insure an excellent outing each lake receives 25,000 catchable rainbows (8 to 12-inches) in April. R.V.s begin showing up along Highway 17, which parallels the northwest shore of both lakes, nea...[more]

Washington's Walleye Factory May 4, 2002 It seems as if I'm returning to a special land every time I cross the Cascade mountains to visit Eastern Washington. The transition from the time you leave Snoqualmie Pass heading east is gradual but in the end, dramatic. From lush, green forests, ever wet and moss-laden, to the dry, parched desert of Eastern Washington. Less than a hundred miles by ...[more]

April 2002

Neah Bay - Washington's Bottomfish Capitol April 21, 2002 Have the days of catching 2-4 pound sea bass one after another, non-stop for hours ended? The chance to catch a 25-35 pound ling cod in water under 100 feet - no more? A chance at exotic species like cabezon - gone? Not if you live in Washington and have a boat! If it's April it must be time for all good salt water anglers to...[more]