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April 2002

Neah Bay - Washington's Bottomfish Capitol April 21, 2002 Have the days of catching 2-4 pound sea bass one after another, non-stop for hours ended? The chance to catch a 25-35 pound ling cod in water under 100 feet - no more? A chance at exotic species like cabezon - gone? Not if you live in Washington and have a boat! If it's April it must be time for all good salt water anglers to...[more]

I have found that an excellent way to get some good information about fishing at a certain lake is to hang around the fish cleaning station. Anglers are there taking care of their catch, and they are usually more than willing to share how great a day they had, and how and when they got their fish. This strategy has paid off handsomely for me, and it reminds me of how much I can get from a little c...[more]

Westside Lakes with good shore access Lakes With Good Beach Access Blackman’s Southwest corner at the boat launch offers some beach access as well as a dock and many fish are caught from the shore there. Cast as far as you can with a slip sinker rig and allow it to sit on the bottom. Two docks are available at Hill Park on the East end of the lake off Park Ave. Should be an excellen...[more]

Each year I attempt to predict which of the many lakes in the area are going to be the "hot" opening day lakes as well as the consistent producers for the trout season. These predictions are based upon stocking rates, access, past success and possibility of "holdovers" or fish left from the last years stocking. I sometimes do not list a lake which may be another's favorite because I have no ex...[more]

Tips from Stacie Kelsey on lakes in SW Washington Clark: Battle Ground Lake - shore access is not great and usually people sit on the good spots for awhile so to get one you need to get there early. There is a trail all the way around the lake, a bit rough in spots. Pay launch. Boat ramp is a little rough if you have to back down very far. We have catchable eastern brook although the catch...[more]

March 2002

Just one month from today the general trout season will open, and I am going to provide you with a very detailed report of one my experiences last Spring. I will be telling you about fishing at Blue Lake, which is north of Ephrata, and one of the more popular trout fishing lakes in North Central Washington. Before I share that experience with you though, I have got to tell you about this past w...[more]

Sage Lakes: Why pick the Sage Lakes in an area of 60 plus other seep lakes below Potholes Reservoir? Would you believe to hunt tigers? Yes, tiger trout, a cross between eastern brook and brown trout, reputed to be a very beautiful fish. Although colorful tigers are caught, the catch is predominately very fat rainbows. A solid rainbow caught from the Sage Lakes. These two little ponds of ...[more]

This is a letter and response between guide Anton Jones and David Beauchamp of the University of Washington. A little background - the WDFW is considering lifting limits on lakers in lake Chelan in order to allow anglers to remove the lakers from the lake. They are then planning on stocking back into the lake a strain of cutthroat trout that are genetically related to the original fish that were...[more]

Burke Lake: In the brisk morning sun two bald eagles roosted in the tree on the south end of Banks Lake. At Dry Falls five mule deer stared curiously as we passed. Two geese pointed the way, flying beside and slightly ahead of the truck as we passed along Lake Lenore. A near perfect day to visit Burke Lake for the season’s first fishing trip. Burke Lake bank access Nestled in the middle ...[more]

The fishing season in the beautiful Pacific Northwest is just around the corner. Many anglers will be bringing their catch home to enjoy a nice fish dinner. Here is a tip on how to make those trout and other fish taste a little better. Cool your catch. Keeping your catch cool is always important but it becomes even more critical during periods of very warm or hot weather. With warmer weather, c...[more]

February 2002

Washington's Fresh Water Cod By Mike Carey February 13, 2002 When an angler talks about bizarre or obscure fish in Washington, they are usually referring to those fish that live in the salt water. Exotic species like cabezon, wolf eel, and of course everyone’s favorite – the rat fish, come to mind. But there are also strange and wonderful fish to be found in the fresh water environm...[more]

When the snow begins to pile up many anglers begin to tear down their gear and settle in for a winter’s rest. Those in the know, however, gather their cold-weather gear, sharpen their augers and eagerly await the beginning of ice fishing on Fish Lake, near Lake Wenatchee. The pace of wintertime angling at Fish Lake rivals the action of spring and summer: especially for rainbow trout and yellow per...[more]