Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

TODAY WAS MORE LIKE IT! oh man it was a blast.

at the launch around 8:30 with Petdawg. first spot had a great hookup but in kind spirits petdawg decided to long released him. this was a big fish, i would say close to 22" when he jumped, he had some shoulders spot went dead so we moved to the spot from yesterday up north. trolled thru that same spot, got 1, continued the troll down the lake (saw some birds) and got in to them. released a good amount of small 13-14" fish and ended up with a limit of fish all around 16-17.5"

Well, this was a better day on the water... had to work a little in the beginning, but we found them and caught them this time faster and relatively easier...

Feeling bad petdawg and i only caught 6 fish including kokanee last time we were out, I insisted on taking him out again. luckily, he was easily persuaded back into the boat :). we were launched and moving by 9:00 in 25 degrees weather... bundled up and still freezing to death... but we were fishing so it didnt matter how cold we were... it was a blast. Petdawg wanted to try close to Vasa park because he was going to launch his 11' raft from there and fish the surrounding area. i started with a watermelon dodger and green wedding ring with a slow death hook on one and a ford fender style rig and pink ring on the other. as i was setting the fender rod, the other rod gets slammed!!! this fish nearly popped the clip! it was a goood, gooooood, fish.... handed the rod off, and after a short fight, the jumped and spit the hook... darn. we fished this area for another 45 mins and a few gear switches until we decided it was a bust and we left for the north end. did the same troll as the previous day hoping for the same success. I should mention the wind was pretty bad. The boat was blowing around bad, and we were pretty much drifting about 1.5 with no motor. about

about 15 minutes into the troll, fish on!!!! a great 16" fish. yahoo! finally the skunk was off and we were in the fish. right away the other rod, fish!!! he was about 12" so we let him go for next year. yahoo! we were sitting a little better. it was about 10:30 and we had a fish in the box. Judging by my last logic, i should have turned around and gone back thru there, but i had a gut feeling about where to go, so i followed it. we went 30 mins without a fish, when petdawg had to take a conference call (i want a job where i can fish and work at the same time!!!). petdawg said as soon as the call happens, the fish will bite... tell ya what, he couldnt have been more right. i was grabbing some gear to switch the pink wedding ring and fender out to a sling blade and green ring, when petdawg points to the rod, fish on! I pop the clip, reel down, hand the rod to him, fish on!!!! so here he is, phone pressed to shoulder, reeling in a fish and answering sales questions.... hilarious!!!... it was a great 17" fish. knock him, put him in the bin, put the gear back down, and before i can drop the sling blade in the water, fish on again!!! same routine... phone on ear...talking on phone.... 17"fish... FREAKING AWESOME DUDE!!!! it was truly a sight... incredible stuff.

finally got both rods set, when the slow death hook goes off again!!!! fish on! still on the phone, Petdawg brings another food fish in and a fourth keeper got introduced to the boat... while he is doing this i brought the other rod up to the same depth, it gets hit, another one! crazy!!!

I asked petdawg to steer for a while while i screwed with my sonar unit. it wasnt tracking... why? i still dont know. while i was doing that, i look behind me and the sling blade rod goes off hard! another one! yessir, we were smoking them. fish were biting so fast, didnt even have time to fix the lowrance!!

we reset the drift and finished out our limit as well as released a handful of fish for posterity.

all in all another amazing day on the water with petdawg. he is a great Fisherman and one heck of a partner on the lake.

side note, anyone know a good place for perch? i couldnt find any balls this trip... usually i can run across a few...

Fishing has truly been a blast on Lake Sammamish this winter and i feel so lucky to have had such amazing outings on the lake. Fishing is truly one of my greatest passions and this winter has certainly reaffirmed that. I am now hoping to find an internship or job in the fishing industry this summer to learn more about the business side of this amazing activity. from guiding, tackle companies, and retail stores, to test fishing or fishing websites and video-making (like this amazing place Mike Carey has created), the fishing industry is huge and there is so much to learn! i would be living the dream if i could have a career in fishing.

until next time, tight lines and good fishing to all.

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1/5/2017 4:24 PM
Meant to put the link to the WDFW LAKE SAMMAMISH CUTTHROAT TROUT video on this post too. Here it is:
1/10/2017 5:22 AM
You can have a career in fishing. Go to Alaska and get on a boat. Lots of guys looking for deck hands.
1/19/2017 9:20 AM
thanks for the link to the video..