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Sammamish Lake Report
King County, WA



Bottom Fishing From Boat
Smallmouth Bass
71° - 75°

Wanted to fish the north end for some LMB, but by the time I got there, saw a couple of guys fishing it already, so I turned down to hit a few other spots.

First 1.5hrs, I only felt little perch taps.

Moved to a different stretch and started working the dropshot and found some dink SMB. I think I caught about 8 in this little stretch of area. Mostly dinks, with a couple push maybe 1#, lol. I also last 3 fish on jumps. Granted, they werent big but a fish is a fish.

Moved further south and pitched the DS into a deep dock. Felt a tick and set the hook. Doesnt look big, but I see what looked like 2 big ones chasing after it. The one I landed was maybe 1#. The other 2 were most likely in the 2 range. They looked gigantic compared to everything I've caught so far. Kept working the area for those 2 but no more bites.

Continued down to a deep point and get 2 more a little over 1#.

About noon and I'm thinking about starting to head in. Stopped off at Farthole for a few casts. On about the 3rd cast, I felt a light bite. It stayed heavy, so I set the hook and rod dips down pretty good. Feels like a quality fish. When it surfaces, it looked HUGE. I havent seen anything this big at Sammamish in a few weeks lOL. Was gentle with it and netted the bugger. 2.95#. I'll take it. Continued fishing for about 20 more mins using a variety of lures with no more bites there.

Constant breeze on the water all morning. Water was very ripply. But hugging the shoreline and pointed towards the wind made it manageable.

All fish caught on dropshot except for 1 on a jerkbait.


7/9/2018 7:24:41 PM
Still a good day with fun fish. I decided to sleep in for a change.
bob johansen
7/10/2018 6:59:02 AM
Good report - And, a 2.95 smallie is a nice fish!
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Available Fishing Guide:
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