Area 8-2 Ports Susan and Gardner Fishing Report

Went out this morning to drop the pots in Everett, perfect morning on the water! Dropped the pots and went into the office. Around 3 pm we decided to go pick the pots up only to be greeted by some VERY rough water. We ran (maybe walked is a better term) out to grab the pots which was quite the adventure. Felt like I was on deadlest catch! Maybe not, but I haven't personally experienced waters like today in the Sound. Anyways, grabbed our crab and made the trek back with a sigh of relief once we made it back in the marina. Thankfully we made it back with five crab between the two of us. Honestly don't think it was worth going to get the pots with how bad the water was but we made it back in safely so I will try and plan better next time.

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7/10/2018 9:29 AM
I've made one of those runs before. It can get VERY rough out there. I'll never forget it. On the other hand fresh Dungeness...priceless!