Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

First cast about 7:45AM. Working the west shore. Water and wind view calm. Took about 30 mins to land my first SMB. About 1# in about 15' of water with dropshot.

About another 30 mins later, I happen to see a school of baitfish swimming around me. So I made a few casts into it. On the 2nd one, felt a nice bump and fish on! Digs down pretty good. Drag is a bit loose. Took a while for it to surface and see it's a decent SMB. Didnt weigh it, but estimating it about 2 and a quarter. Caught 3 more 1# along this stretch. One of the bass spit out a green leech looking bait about 3-4" long.

Moved across the lake and skipped a wacky under a dock. Set the hook and fish flys out of the water at me. Feisty little rock bass. Switch back to dropshot. Land me another 2# SMB and a smaller SMB. The 2# was spitting out all sorts of crap. Ran a deep crank, tube and swimbait through the area but only the dropshot is producing it seems.

At about 10:45AM, the breeze picked up. Hit a deep point. On first cast, something decent popped off after a couple of secs of fighting. Continued working the area and landed what looked like the biggest bass so far today, so i weighed it. 2.42# SMB. Landed another 1# and an even smaller SMB on the DS there.

Hit up fart hole and got 1 nibble but no hookup. Stopped off at 2 deep dropoffs with only 2 bites between the 2 of them, no hookups.

So finish the day with 3 fish in the 2# range, handful of 1# and smaller SMB. All fish caught on dropshot except for the rockbass on wacky. Breeze stuck around one it started up. Harder to fish, but sure felt nice.

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The Quadfather
7/12/2018 6:05 AM
Sounds like an active day out there. I must have missed an earlier report where you explain ‘fart hole’. But I’ll leave it to my imagination.