Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

I have had my boat on Sammamish, but tough to get over there for the morning bite. Last time out I marked a lot of fish, but had no takers. Weather cooled down a bit, and I had a feeling this would be good. I was right! At about 5:15pm I headed north of the weather bouy on the east side. Water was 80’ deep. I saw fish arcs at 29’ and dropped down to greet them. 30 seconds, and my rod was doing a dance! Nice 12” cutty. 10 minutes later I saw a big arc at 40’, and immediately dropped down to say hello. Wam! What is that? A stray chinook..? Ends up being a 21” cutty, largest I have seen to date, providing aerial displays, then landed in my net. I safely released the first two, and kept two 12” cutty’s to share for dinner. What was monumental for me was the success I had by immediately adjusting my depth to match that of the arc on my finder and also circling back to the school for more action.

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8/5/2018 8:32 PM

Way to put the electronics to work and of course you had the right presentation too to entice the bites! Thanks for the report!

8/5/2018 9:49 PM

My presentation was a home-made gold and silver spinner and beads similar to a wedding ring with 2 red hooks and a piece of worm on one. I let my line out 50’ before connecting to the downrigger.

8/9/2018 7:49 PM

That is sooo refreshing to report that you kept the smaller fish, let big guy go. Not normally what you read on this site.

8/9/2018 11:49 PM

Hey MotoBoat, sometimes I do what feels right in the moment. When a fish shows a tremendous amount of will to live, I don’t want to be the one to end it.