Sammamish Lake (King County) Fishing Report

Finaly caught a good Smallie. 3.08 on topwater. The other topwater was 2.02. Consistent bites on dropshot too. Most slow and deadsticking. One 10"er grabbed the dropshot about 15 deep in 25 foot of water. One baby smallie, about 6" to 7", under a dock on a worm. Got hot at 10am so went home satisfied.

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8/8/2018 2:41 PM

I want nice fishies too!

8/8/2018 4:14 PM
Keep trying, they come with stubbornness. lol
8/8/2018 5:05 PM

Nice! I need to get out and learn the lake better. I haven't caught many nice bass this summer.

8/8/2018 5:06 PM
Ya, me neither, so I was very happy to get the fish today. Even caught a 2.02 on topwater. YEA!