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Sammamish Lake Report
King County, WA



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Cutthroat Trout
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So seems like years since I have posted a report wanted to end the year with one today on Lake Sammamish on the day before my birthday! Could see that Sunday was going to be a busy one for me with other things and of course the BIG GAME on prime time *GO HAWKS!) so chose to get out on the water today!

Spent Christmas in Portland with one of my daughters and her family but my wife wanted to stay an extra day; so didn't get home until late yesterday afternoon and didn't have a chance to get much ready for today fishing wise.. IE... gas for motors, charging batteries, worms for bait, etc... So got up at 5 am to get some fuel, find some worms at Fred Meyer, put a charge on both batteries and of course some work issues came up so had to run down to Pikes market to get some product to a customer!

Alas finally made it home around 9:15 am and hooked up the boat and made the run up to Lake Sammamish for a pre-birthday fishing adventure! Got to the launch around 10:15 and saw quite a few trailers in the parking lot but not many boats in site decided to make a run to find out where the action was. Saw some bird concentrations around weather buoy but no boats so decided to keep heading north.

Finally spotted some trolling boats so slowed down and started trolling motor but almost made a fatal error as forgot to push in choke almost flooded my 4 stroke! Tragedy averted as the motor kicked into action and I started my day with lead core and a Brad's mini cut plug with twinkle skirt and tipped with piece of worm. Got a vicious hit and fish jumped 2 or 3 times as I was pulling in and then felt the line go slack! Darn!

Put that back out and after getting some intel from Paul ( Wafisherman20) of Fast action guide service who I passed, decided to switch to an arrow flasher with a cool fly I picked up for Chelan with twinkle skirt and smile blade. 3 colors out and 1.4 mph did the trick as I got another hit and fish on! Landed a dandy cutthroat, bonked, bled and put on ice for dinner tonight so put that back out again. Picked up another one but then bite seemed to die- passed another fisherman who was nailing them and said he was getting them on the surface to 15 feet down.

Changed tactics and deployed the down rigger with same same up as it was producing and in the next hour and half finished my day with 3 more to the boat by 2 pm! What a gorgeous day on the lake and happy to see the Legend of Sammamish Paul out there and also Janet and husband Glen plying the waters!

Had a nice conversation with a few fellow fisherman who came over to talk to me after I pulled the Tin Cup out of the water and said it was a "cute boat'! Haha! Yeah it's a lean, mean, fishing machine in my eyes I told them and then we shared a few tips with each other! Happy new year everyone and did I say "GO HAWKS!!!!"

See you on the water!


Mr. Golfball
12/29/2019 8:01:31 AM
Well fiddlesticks Salmonbarry this report makes me wanna cry. Last two reports on Sammamish were of the "skunked" variety including mine from Christmas day. Then I have to get outa bed this morning and read this. Okay that's enough. The game doesn't start till 5 so everybody stay out of the left lane, I have fishing to do! Damnit Salmonbarry this is all your fault. See ya down there all. Go Hawks!!!
12/29/2019 8:27:13 AM
Ha well I am glad I could be of service to you if you can call it that haha! Believe me I would be out there again today if I could! My only regret is I didn't get any underwater footage with my Gofish camera! Good luck and go find the boats and birds and stay in the top 15 feet of the water and WAY back to find them!
12/29/2019 8:37:49 AM
Thanks for the report and the great pictures. Have been just starting to mull over the idea of an underwater camera, would appreciate your thoughts on the subject.
Stay after them, it's the right thing to do.
12/29/2019 4:32:36 PM
@PART-TIME I have the Go Fish and really like it- haven't ventured too deep with it as the first ones they came out with had a faulty o-ring but have heard they have improved them! They had on sale for under $169 at Sportco recently which is a good buy! The only draw back is it records in 1 minute increments so takes some going through to find fish action!
12/29/2019 10:17:18 AM
Great job Barry! It was nice seeing you out there today!
12/29/2019 4:33:14 PM
Nice seeing you and Glen out that as well! Happy new year and GO HAWKS!!
12/29/2019 5:19:36 PM
Pretty fish Barry. Way to go! Happy new year Brother. We gotta get out together and chase some kokes with Brian. Chelan?
12/30/2019 5:37:46 PM
Nice work Barry!
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Available Fishing Guide:
Website: Fast Action Guide Service

Phone: (425) 753-5772