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Here you will find one of the most in-depth collection of stories and articles related to fishing on the web. Click on the Featured Writer links to access their articles. You can also use the Category drop-down to view articles by categories. Finally, you can use the "Search Articles" function to find specifc topics of interest. Articles go back over ten years.
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Puget Sound Searun Cutthroat
Sitting at the dinner table one Friday night my cell phone began ringing and the caller I.D. showed it was a fishing buddy of mine. I grabbed the phone and excused myself while my wife looked at me with a polite stare (in case she reads this article you know what I mean by “polite stare”) and I reassured her it would be a short conversation. As I answered the phone I wondered what he wanted. Our conversation started like this:“Buddy, what’s up?” his reply, “Wanna go fishing in the morning,...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 2/27/2017  Author: Jason Brooks
WA Marine Fishing Spots
Washington State offers it all in the way of fishing, and it truly doesn’t matter if you prefer lakes, rivers, or the coast. While Washington lakes and rivers are often the most celebrated fishing venues, the marine waters of Washington offers an exciting brand of fishing that people from all over the world travel to partake in. Recently we were asked where the best spots to go for spectacular Washington marine fishing. Upon doing some research the list is long, so we decided to split our sug...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 2/3/2017  Author: Jai Colvin for Anglers Club Magazine
Fishing Destination Zeballos
The scream of the reel as the broad shouldered king salmon took another run was music to my ears. The single action reel handles spun dangerously around as I got my hand out of the way just in time. They don’t call them knuckle busters for nothing and I had learned that painful lesson earlier in the day. That said, it was a lesson gladly accepted because it meant the fishing action was hot – and indeed it was. Our boat’s fish hold was steadily filling up with the bounty of the ocean in this rem...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 6/28/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Vancouver Is. Spring Report
Spring is definitely in the air on the Island. The last couple of weeks, we have had some great weather and some great fishing to go with it. Salmon fishing has been very consistent. Constance bank and Whirl bay have been good. The west drop off on the bank have been best on the ebb tide. G-Force spoon in no bananas color and coyote spoon in blueberry muffin have been my top lures. Small herring have been reliable when the bite slows down. Glow green, silver green, glow purple and the Welsey fl...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 4/13/2016  Author: Adrian O'Connor, Reel Obsession Sport Fishing
Vancouver Island Outlook
Happy New Year everyone. I hope everybody had a great holiday season with family and friends. I was fortunate enough to spend the holidays in northern Alberta with family. We made it up to Jasper for a ski and snowboard session, shot the guns at some targets, and got out on the ice for some rainbow trout fishing. Below is my daughter Kenzie with her prized trout. Category: Saltwater  Date: 1/21/2016  Author: Adrian O'Connor, Reel Obsession Sport Fishing
Vancouver Island Fishing
Editor’s Note – If you’re interested in fishing Canada but not having to travel a great distance to do so, the west coast of Vancouver Island can offer some of the most amazing scenery and fishing found in the Pacific Northwest. Reel Obsession Sportfishing sent us this summary of their 2015 season. They call the areas of Esperanza and Nootka “The Salmon Highway” and judging from the information on their web site that’s a good name. Of course, more than salmon is available. Read on for all Reel ...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 9/30/2015  Author: Adrian O'Connor
The Friendliest Catch in Ilwaco
Ilwaco, Wa is part of a cluster of “beach” communities that cover the Long Beach Peninsula. Located about as far southwest as you can get and stay in Washington, its very near to the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. Its geography has shaped its identity – as much as its history of great fishing. Long a commercial fishing mainstay, it’s popularity as sport fishing mecca has ebbed and flowed over the years, but is still etched into the community. What makes Washington ...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 7/30/2015  Author: Rob Holman
Puget Sound Cutthroat Flyfishing
Stepping out of my car into the cool, salt tinted air of a late spring morning along the shores of Puget Sound, my eyes are greeted by the hills of Whidbey Island back lit with the rose glow of a swift sunrise under the stark gray of a distant cloud bank. My ears are greeted with the intermixed melodies of a myriad of song birds in the trees behind me and the frantic splashing of schools of bait fish desperately trying to escape some unseen attacker in the depths below. The timing of the tides ...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 6/2/2015  Author: Alex W.
Lingcod and Sea Bass
My first time out on a charter was almost fifteen years ago. It was a bottom fishing trip out of Westport, one of the many fishing town and villages along the coast of Washington. I was pretty excited to catch some black sea bass and back then you were only allowed one lingcod. The bar crossing was fairly smooth that day and luckily for myself and my fishing partner, Chad Hurst, the other group on the boat weren’t what you would call "fish savvy". While fishing in the salt water all on board co...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 4/26/2015  Author: Jason Brooks
Neah Bay Bottom Fishing
Sunrise at Snow Creek Resort revealed beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow and the promise of a day full of fishing. I was there with my friends Robbie from work, and Mark, AKA, Gringo Pescador friend and fellow forum moderator for Northwest Fishing Reports. Our quarry for this trip was keeper ling cod, but in truth we were prepared for whatever bounty the waters off Neah Bay had to offer. If you’re not familiar with, or never been to Neah Bay, you are missing a crown jewel of the Pac...
Category: Saltwater  Date: 4/22/2015  Author: Mike Carey
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