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Here you will find one of the most in-depth collection of stories and articles related to fishing on the web. Click on the Featured Writer links to access their articles. You can also use the Category drop-down to view articles by categories. Finally, you can use the "Search Articles" function to find specifc topics of interest. Articles go back over ten years.
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Cold Weather Fishing is Good
COLD WEATHER FISHING IS GOOD FISHING“I’ll be really glad when I’ve had enough of this!”- Fred J Taylor, on Cold Weather FishingIt was an offer I couldn’t refuse: A chance to spend the day steelheading with one of the best-known outdoorsmen in the Northwest? It meant a day on world-class waters with a world-class host. Great! So, why the anxiety?Let’s look at that invite phone call. We talked about what I should bring and not bring, and the what and where of the trip. Then I a...
Category: Stories  Date: 12/5/2016  Author:  Terry Otto for Anglers Club
Newby Salmon Adventure
You take a farm-grown Iowa boy, teach him how to fish, and you have the makings of a fishing machine. I recently was on a business trip to Richmond, British Columbia to do some warranty work on an RV. Of course I was excited to go here for a couple of reasons. The scenery is second to none, and the opportunity at a chance to fish these great waters is excellent.When I arrived in Richmond, I was greeted with great hospitality. I was dealing directly with the owner of the RV. After some commu...
Category: Stories  Date: 12/1/2016  Author: David Lampe for The Mack Attack
Fish Now, Not Later
I was inside my grandparent’s truck as the rain continued to pour down wondering if it would ever stop and my grandfather and I could start fishing. The wipers screeched across the windshield as the heater blared keeping the windows from fogging up. I was about eight years old at the time and this was when my grandfather taught me the most valuable lesson any fisherman could ever learn. He turned to me and said, “You can’t catch a fish with your hook out of the water.” Of course he was meaning ...
Category: Stories  Date: 11/6/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
My First Pheasant
This is not a fishing report, but it’s still pretty cool (if you’re into pheasants).I got to spend three wonderful days of pheasant hunting with my son Matthew in the beautiful Montana outdoors, outside of Great Falls. We hunted on both public land and some private farm land. The long weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon) had a mix of so-so weather to glorious weather, long and short hikes, a two hour ordeal of Matt’s car being stuck in the mud, and hunting ranging from seeing no pheasant to Matt’s Britt...
Category: Stories  Date: 11/1/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Taking Better Fishing Photos
We all like to hear our buddies fishing stories but without pictures no words can do justice in relating the experiences. After hearing about the “20 pound steelhead” or “50 pound Chinook” our first reply is “Let’s see the pictures” and of course when our fishing partner starts back peddling about not having a camera or the batteries were dead we dismiss the exaggeration as nothing more than a tall tale. The fact that we have access to extremely small, lightweight cameras including those that a...
Category: Stories  Date: 7/4/2016  Author: Jason Brooks
Kayak Fishing
Kayak river fishing is a world of its own, requiring a large, specialized skill set to cope with the constant changes of moving water. Besides contending with the meandering of the river’s twists and turns, you will need 360 degree awareness, as well as a good sense of speed and timing, because the current can pick up and drop off at a moment’s notice. The reward for developing those skills is a fishing vessel that’s rugged, portable and flexible, able to take you on just about any river in t...
Category: Stories  Date: 5/31/2016  Author: Sean O’Brien for Anglers Club
Chelan Get-Together 2016
It was a weekend of firsts for me. First time having our Chelan Get-together at Lake Chelan State Park, and the first time taking out my new boat! The only (major) bummer was my wife JoAnn came down sick with what I had just recovered from. So as I was feeling human again Thursday evening, she was off to bed with a fever and chills. It bummed me out that she and our dogs weren’t along to take the first boat ride in our new boat.I arrived midday Friday and put my new Thunderbird Luxor in. Th...
Category: Stories  Date: 5/3/2016  Author: Mike Carey
Spring Walleye Fishing
Walleye are probably my favorite fish to catch and most definitely the best eating of our freshwater fishes. Late winter and early spring is a great time to go walleye fishing in Washington lakes. The number of fish caught may not be as great as in late spring and summer, but the average size is greater and the fish are in great condition. There are many techniques for catching walleye, but these methods have worked well for me from year to year. Category: Stories  Date: 5/2/2016  Author: Richy Harrod for The Mack Attack
Catching Spring Chinook
From northern California to Canada, and the Pacific to Idaho, few secrets are as carefully guarded as uncrowded areas for spring bank-caught salmon. Each time one of my fishing buds gives the slightest hint of a clue of a lean in that direction, my phone goes dead, his email is lost, or I have to remind him “I don’t text.” I turned the ringer off on my phone nine years ago. Even my wife, Suz, and I had a big fight over it. We were raised fishing the same rivers like the Molalla and Clackamas,...
Category: Stories  Date: 5/2/2016  Author: Scott T. Starbuck
Kokanee Fishing Tips
Every year I find the Kokanee season begins earlier for me. This last year we began chasing Kokanee in December with great success on several eastern Washington Lakes. But the arrival of April means one thing, Kokanee season is here in full swing. Lakes like Chelan and Roosevelt have been pumping out healthy Kokanee for months but soon my local Lakes such as Lake Stevens, Roesiger, Samish, Cavanaugh, and American will begin to warm into the Kokanee's preferred comfort range. Most Kokanee angle...
Category: Stories  Date: 3/29/2016  Author: Zack McGlothern
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