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July 2005

You catch more bass under docks than around docks… Largemouth Black Bass do have a home range territory. Studies have shown that these bass will inhabit the same places, month after month, year after year. This means that if you can find a good fishing spot, remember it and return to re-catch the same bass, if he was released previously. Most bass live year round within 300 yards of their spaw...[more]

I’d like to say it was my idea. I like to think I know where to go for a quality fishing experience any day of year, but it was my wife Eileen who suggested Evergreen Reservoir over the Fourth of July Holiday weekend. It had been a while since we had made a trip to this lake near Quincy, and she had fond memories of our last visit. She also figured it wouldn’t be as busy as many other waters o...[more]

June 2005

If you haven’t decided where to go for your next vacation yet, you may want to drive over to the Panhandle of Idaho and visit one or more of the three huge and gorgeous lakes there. 44 miles long and 1100 feet deep, Lake Pend Oreille is reminiscent of Central Washington’s Lake Chelan. On the north end of the lake lies the fun little resort town of Sandpoint offering lodging and good food. If...[more]

It was Monday, June 20, 2005. Bob and Mike had planned a bass fishing trip starting at Thurston County’s Hicks Lake for several days. Evidently the folks at the weather department hadn’t caught wind of it. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, warm day – Much unlike the cool, overcast and even rainy days of previous fishing trips. Bob and Mike arrived at the public access on Hicks just after...[more]

This classic combination makes bass angler’s drool with anticipation… As described in his own words, in 1932 George Perry cast his lure to a "disturbance next to a large tree lying in the water." That cast hooked and landed George the World Record Largemouth Black Bass, which tipped he scales at 22 pounds and 2 ounces. Bass, water and wood. The ideal combination of features that bass anglers...[more]

If one was to talk to most die-hard fishermen, eventually you may hear them say something like "I wish I could get paid to go fishing!" For most this is just a off-hand statement or a dream they articulate but never follow through on. But for some the desire to combine their passion with a livelihood drives them to find a way to make it work. Recently I had an opportunity to fish with just such a ...[more]

May 2005

I’ve seen many an opening day come and go and it seems each year has its moments. But over the past seven or eight years there seems to be some question as to what exactly a limit of trout is. Some folks think it is as many as you can catch. Others run on the bucket theory: how many buckets of fish can you catch and stick in the trunk of your car. A lot of these same people are shocked to hear tha...[more]

Flats 101, the means and understanding to catch bass in a prairie of grass… In bass fishing the definition of a flat is " a large featureless area of the lake, usually in shallow water, that bass use to spawn on, feed on and live in." A flat is an under water tabletop that has very little if any topographical changes in it. That is to say the bottom doesn’t get deeper or shallower, it’s leve...[more]

Pot Holes Rainbow Caught by my wife.The State of Washington a few years back opened many lakes to fishing year around and our climate makes it possible to fish comfortably most of the time. Fishing for Trout is one our favorite past times. Fish on my wife yells- I look at my rod and the line is off the down rigger and line is screaming off the reel. I grab the pole and set the hook 40 yard...[more]

Cowlitz’s County’s Silver Lake is probably the best lake for big bass in Washington State right now, and Spring is prime time for them as they get ready to spawn. In addition to largemouth bass, this 3000-acre lake east of Castle Rock also holds healthy populations of trout, crappie, perch, bluegill and brown bullhead. One look at Silver Lake and you’ll know why it’s a bass hotspot. The plac...[more]

Ever had a fishing trip that was just so good that you and your fishing buddy made a vow to come back the next year? You know, to travel to the same place at the same time of year and try to duplicate the great experience that you just had. It could have been a trip to an exotic river in Alaska, or just the opening weekend at Jameson Lake, but there was something about it that you wanted to hap...[more]

It was May 2, 2005. Bob and Mike had planned a bass fishing trip for this day a few days before as the fearless Northwest weathermen had predicted warm, sunny weather. They planned to meet at the Phillips Lake public access to start the adventure. As the Monday date approached, the fearless weathermen switched gears and predicted rain. Bob who was just barely recovering from a nasty cold, e-m...[more]