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February 2005

Winter means many things to many people. Cold nights, fresh snow for skiing, and frozen lakes are probably what first comes to mind. But for those hardy fishermen it means something else - trophy triploids and rainbows on several Columbia River impoundments. One of the growing and more popular of these fisheries is Rufus Woods. Rufus Woods is formed by the Chief Joseph Dam. Chief Joseph Dam...[more]

Whitefish are not a real popular sport fish here in Washington. In fact, in some places they’re considered more of a nuisance than a good catch. Personally, I think these fish don’t get the credit they deserve. Colored tan, silver and white, mountain whitefish inhabit fast flowing streams throughout the Cascade and Rocky Mountain ranges. They generally run 10 to 12 inches long, though 16 to 18 ...[more]

Last November I was fishing the North Fork of the Noosack, using my usual spoon or spinner, and happened to witness something I thought was extraordinary. I was watching a fella fly-fish and he was getting hook-up after hook-up. I decided to see just what he was doing and also to check if these were legitimate hook-ups, that is, in the mouth. And, yes, it turned out every one was legitimate. So ...[more]

 Carl “Easy Limits” Costenbader, I think the name says it all “Easy Limits”, Carl is on the fast track to becoming a Northwest legend not only because of his tremendous catch rate but his willingness to help others. Carl has been known to tell you exactly where he has been fishing and what he was using, anything that might help your success rate. Carl has also given his own money in support of the...[more]

Spring is the best time to fish for bass… Spring fishing for bass is broken down into three distinct seasons; pre spawn, spawn and post spawn. When spring arrives and the shallow flats begin to warn up, baitfish move up to these flats and begin to feed. Close behind the baitfish are the bass looking for food. They have had a long hard winter and their metabolism is starting to pick up which in ...[more]

Welcome to the first installment of the Frugal Fly Fishermen for 2003. I hope everybody has been out enjoying this incredibly mild winter we are having. I got a chance to take advantage of the weather and cast a fly to the steelhead in the Methow River a few days after Christmas. I won’t bore you with the details of the one that got away but will say I hooked into a heavy fish on my second cast...[more]

January 2005

There are five rules of fishing which most successful fishers follow, even if they are unaware they are following them. Fishing a river for salmon, steelhead and trout require an understanding of these rules and how they relate to rivers. FISH WHERE THE FISH ARE, NOT WHERE THEY AIN’T: In a river, this rule has more than one part. You must know at what times of the year the fish will be in t...[more]

There are five rules of fishing which most successful fishers follow, even if they are unaware they are following them. These "rules" are not to be confused with the LAW of fishing which states "If your line is not in the water, you are not fishing!", nor are they to be confused with the law of fishing rods which states, "Two or more rods placed in close proximity of each other will find a way to ...[more]

Did you ever wonder which rod to take when traveling to a fishing location? Ever wish you had a rod that was versatile enough to use for different species or application so you didn’t have to overload the boat with rod cases? Problem solved with the new Wonder Rod being built by Bill McGuire in Rock Island, Washington. McGuire is a legend in the world of sport fishing and competition casti...[more]

Bass fishing with topwater wood plugs is a fascinating experience every angler should try. It's an addictive kind of angling. The excitement and explosiveness of the surface strike can unnerve even the most experienced angler and turns every trip into a memorable one. Bass first become vulnerable to surface lures when the water warms up in the spring. These fish are a warm water species ...[more]

This is the final part of my crash course about the basics of steelhead angling. I have tried to keep this series easy to understand by not using a bunch of technical terms and getting wrapped up in them. I hope this has raised an interest in steelhead fishing and also encouraged those of you who have never tried it to get out on the water and see just what your missing. As I have said...[more]

This may be the slowest time of year for most outdoors lovers. Fortunately, the annual sports shows make their arrival to get our blood going for the upcoming season. You can book a trip to a lodge, check out some bargains from your favorite sporting goods retailers, or learn a little bit in a seminar. There are casting demonstrations by the pros, RV’s for sale, and some awfully nice fishing boa...[more]