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May 2004

The Columbia River produces big walleye . . . very big walleye. There's no secret about that anymore. Sizes range into the high teens and anglers come to the Magnificent River from all over North America to tangle with a genuine wallhanger, and just maybe, get their name in "The Book". Power Trolling - Innovation has played a critical role in the relatively new walleye fishery on the Columbia ...[more]

Summer salmon fishing in the Puget Sound can be one of the hottest fisheries around. First, on odd numbered years, there is an absolutely huge run of Pink salmon that are known to be in the Puget Sound as soon as early July, but the main run doesn't come until August. The next run of fish that comes through is the Coho salmon run. These fish also begin to show in early July, but the bulk of the ru...[more] Every spring the return of the schools of silvers (kokanee) to the lower basin of Lake Chelan sends anglers scrambling. First they’ve got to find a date that is clear for a trip to take advantage of the hot action, and second to check over their specialized gear that they keep just for this fishery. The arrival of the large schools of silvers varies a bit each year, ...[more]

April 2004

Spring is a beautiful time of year, flowers are blooming, the sun is shining and fishing season has just begun. Almost all of your local lakes have been stocked with rainbow trout, but a select few have been planted with triploid trout, which will be talked about more later in the article. This is a great time to take the kids, the girlfriend, the father in law, or even just a relaxing day of fish...[more]

Where to Catch Trout Now By John Kruse for Are you one of the estimated 300,000 anglers that will be fishing during Washington’s April 24 trout opener? If so, I hope you come home with a stringer of nice trout and some good memories. However, the question for many anglers heading into May is, “What now?” Many anglers believe the place they went on opening day is p...[more]

Kokanee salmon were experimentally introduced into several lakes and reservoirs in western North America in the mid-1940s. The success of these introductions has since blossomed into a growing sport fishery in the west and has spread to many eastern waters as well. Continued planting and new introductions throughout the United States will see an increasing number of anglers pursuing these sport...[more]

The Frugal Fly Fishermen has a confession to make. I love low cost, high performance gear and own lots of it, but I also like to spoil myself on occasion and buy a really nice piece of gear. "So how can you do this and still consider yourself frugal?" you might ask? Well, it’s all about knowing where and when to find bargains. In today’s article I am going to share with you some of my favorite ...[more]

March 2004

SIZE DOES MATTER (AND SOMETIMES……….SMALLER IS BETTER!) By John Kruse Many bass fishermen subscribe to the old saw of "A bigger lure means a bigger fish." That’s why we are often found beating the surface of the water with a five inch plug, a large buzz bait, or a weighted, seven-inch plastic worm. While these lures work, I’d be willing to wager that the average fisherman...[more]

It was a cool crisp morning as I approached the creek to try for my season opening trout. The sun was starting to come up, the dew on the grass, and the smell of the cool crisp clean air sent my mind reeling back to my youth. As I approached the water I could here the gentle gurgling of the water as it swept past me, I found myself thinking of the first time I had ever fished this body of w...[more]

In a previous article we discussed several low cost but high performance fly rods . Now that you have your rod all picked out it is time to talk about fly reels. Depending on the size and species of fish you are targeting, the reel can play either a minor role in your gear selection or it could one of the most important equipment decisions you make. The key is knowing when to spend the extra mo...[more]

February 2004

I made a scouting trip to the Quincy Wildlife Area yesterday - taking a look at the lakes prior to the March 1st Opener that brings crowds to many of these waters. Here's a rundown of what I found, and what the WDFW, in a recent Weekender Report - says to expect: Stan Coffin Lake: This year round lake is ice free. My son and I didn't have any luck casting and slowly retrieving jigs for a lit...[more]

I recently lost an old friend and I was trying to think of a proper tribute, so I thought I would write an article about this old friend and maybe you folks would understand how I feel. I’ve thought about this a great deal and I think sharing these memories will be the best medicine. We were brought together by fate back in 1995 and were pretty much inseparable, where you seen one on the lake ...[more]