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July 2004

Metal spoons are some of the most versatile but under-rated lures in the southern California saltwater angler's tackle box. Spoons are an all-season lure. They will catch everything from pelagic species such as bonito, barracuda, yellowtail and even tuna, to bottom dwellers including almost every kind of rockfish, halibut and ling cod. Spoons are relatively simple to use once you understand their ...[more]

I just got back from a 5 day cast and blast vacation that found me steelhead fishing on the Methow River and deer hunting up in Okanogan County. I rarely get away by myself these days so having 4 days to sit and contemplate the meaning of life and fly fishing was really a treat. I am still a novice steelhead fisherman but did quite well during this trip and had some important lesso...[more]

June 2004

Drift jigging in open water is a fishing technique being used by an ever increasing number of anglers as they discover its effectiveness and ease of application. It's a technique tailor-made for open water, fresh or salt, where fish are oriented either to bottom structure or temperature layers. With the aid of a depth sounder, drift jigging allows pinpoint presentation of a spoon or jig within inc...[more]

Each month I typically receive several great emails from my readers who are requesting further information on an article I have written or who have questions about equipment. Looking back at these emails, it appears that choosing a pair of waders is a great source of frustration for many fly fishermen. I hope this month’s article will arm you with all you need to know to buy the perfect set of w...[more]

Spring brings about many fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Bluegill and Perch offer some of the most fast paced fishing action that there is. Although these fish can be caught year around, they are most plentiful and available for fishermen in the spring and summer months. These are great fish to target for youngsters whose attention span is short, or a beginning fisherman to ...[more]

WALLEYE TIPS FROM A PRO June 17, 2004 Walleye fishing has really taken off in popularity over the last few years. In Washington State, these great tasting fish, reaching up to 19 pounds in size, are found throughout the Columbia River and in several Eastern Washington waters. Some of the walleye lakes you may want to visit include Evergreen Reservoir near Quincy, Sprague Lake east of Ri...[more]

May 2004

Deep in the heart of Seattle, lies one of the largest and under fished lake in Washington State. Lake Washington spans from as far north as Kenmore and stretches about 15 miles south to Renton. It is one of Washington’s largest lakes, covering approximately 22,138 acres. There are many places to launch a boat or fish from the bank on the “Big Lake”. This has its advantages and disadvantages for fi...[more]

Spring ushers in the travel season for most fishermen and trips to famous lakes and streams are often high on the priority list. Many fisherman, especially those with children, struggle with planning a fishing trip that won’t break the bank. This month’s article will suggest a few ways to have a great vacation while keeping the costs down. Location, Location, Loc...[more]

Bass fishing with crankbaits is one of the most successful ways to get Crankbait Logodown where the trophy lunkers are. It's an addictive kind of angling and the lures available are nearly as numerous as the fish you're after. This report will help you select and effectively use casting crankbaits. Bass anglers have a tendency to either over-simplify or over-complicate the selection and use of ...[more]

The Columbia River produces big walleye . . . very big walleye. There's no secret about that anymore. Sizes range into the high teens and anglers come to the Magnificent River from all over North America to tangle with a genuine wallhanger, and just maybe, get their name in "The Book". Power Trolling - Innovation has played a critical role in the relatively new walleye fishery on the Columbia ...[more]

Summer salmon fishing in the Puget Sound can be one of the hottest fisheries around. First, on odd numbered years, there is an absolutely huge run of Pink salmon that are known to be in the Puget Sound as soon as early July, but the main run doesn't come until August. The next run of fish that comes through is the Coho salmon run. These fish also begin to show in early July, but the bulk of the ru...[more] Every spring the return of the schools of silvers (kokanee) to the lower basin of Lake Chelan sends anglers scrambling. First they’ve got to find a date that is clear for a trip to take advantage of the hot action, and second to check over their specialized gear that they keep just for this fishery. The arrival of the large schools of silvers varies a bit each year, ...[more]