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September 2003

I guide year round on Lake Chelan in North Central Washington, primarily by trolling for Lake Trout. I mostly fish at depths ranging from 100 to 300 feet. I am fishing for very well fed fish that will not compete for food, and most certainly will not pursue a meal aggressively. These are almost always neutral to negative fish. When people ask me about how to fish this lake effectively, I always, a...[more]

The attention of most anglers here in North Central Washington is still on summer run and fall run salmon. Many are closely watching the dam counts for the number of steelhead that are moving upstream, in anticipation of another season for these prized fish in our region. The counts are encouraging and there is little doubt that we well see a season opening as early as October 1st. Kn...[more]

August 2003

Spoon jigging is one of the deadliest lure-and technique combinations ever devised for catching bass in deep water and around vertical structure such as steep cliffs or sunken forests. It is not necessarily an easy technique to master, but the rewards are great as few bass can resist the enticing action of a spoon bouncing up and down. A jigging spoon such as the Krocodile®, Mr. Champ® or Cripple...[more]

July 2003

Take a Kid Fishing! July 20, 2003 By Mike Carey If you had a fortunate youth then perhaps one activity you got to enjoy was going fishing with a parent, brother, sister, or best friend. Long lazy days spent soaking a worm, waiting for a fish to take the bobber under filled my summers. The anticipation of getting up early in the morning (after staying up late to catch night crawlers...[more]

(Editor Note: This is taken from a Special Report to members that I wrote last season. The conditions may be different this year, but the information on how to approach the Upper Columbia will still be very helpful.) What I will spend some time on in this report is what I have learned about the salmon fishing in our region on the Columbia River. This always creates a lot of excitement, and...[more]

June 2003

Trolling is a technique tailor-made for anglers with all degrees of expertise because it's easy, fun and it works! It's a great way to start a youngster out as line tangles and snarls are few and far between and there's always something happening. But, trolling's not just for kids. It's a fishing technique used by hundreds of thousands of anglers across the country every day because of its proven ...[more]

May 2003

I was once married. To a sweet girl, she was smart, pretty and feisty. I gotta tell you I was in looove with this girl. I had it real bad. You know the feeling you can’t wait to see them even if you’ve only been apart for an hour. You just can’t wait to see them again. There was only one problem. If you asked her what she thought of when you said the color blue. Well, her response would ...[more]

The Essential Tackle Box By Dave Graybill I have a checklist in my head that I run through when I am preparing to go fishing. As you might imagine, I have accumulated quite a selection of tackle to fish the various lakes and streams of our region. I try to be sure that the items on my checklist are in my tackle box or in the boat before I hit the road. I have gone through the process of o...[more]

This rig is THE MOST PRODUCTIVE RIG that I use for Kokes, it will work under all circumstances. To start you will need the following: 3 or 4/0 dodgers (I use 3), chenille, size 6 treble hooks, Wedding Ring Spinner or homemade replica, and 6-8 pound test line. The chenille is NOT necessary but a substitute will have to be made otherwise! Tie the chenille onto the hooks shaft leaving the tips e...[more]

April 2003

Lake Trolling Tactics (Flat Lining) For Trout By Uncle Wes What do I consider flat lining? Trolling without the use of downriggers. Phase 1: Lake Homework and Preparation 1) Read all current and past fishing reports that I can find including magazine articles, newspaper articles and all literature I can find on that particular lake. 2) I will get a map of the lake and study it ...[more]

March 2003

The lake season is now well under way and next month brings the lowland lake opener across the state. Hundreds of fly fisherman will wet a line in the next few weeks and most will catch fish. However, no matter what lake you fish, there will be at least one fly fisherman who is out fishing everyone else. Hopefully, this month’s article will give you the information y...[more]

Ever fish a lake or stream, and tell yourself that you’d go back there sometime? Maybe the fishing wasn’t that great, but you could see the potential and wanted to give it another try. Buffalo Lake on Colville Indian Reservation in North Central Washington was one of these for me, and this year I did something about it. If fished it once, briefly, about three years ago and always planned to go bac...[more]